Ha. What Did I Say? Fad Diet Called “Bulletproof” Might Actually Be Onto Something.


Remember how in my last post I mentioned that we don’t diet in this family?  We don’t, and quite honestly I have never heard of a fad-diet that I thought was anything but a bunch of hooey, only interested in making money off of unsuspecting and well-intentioned-albeit uninformed-people.  Except, this whole “Bulletproof Diet” that seems to be a big deal might be the first “fad” that I actually kind of agree with.  Not all of it of course, but most.

I happen to understand that some people need a plan to follow.  I went to girls boot camp.  I know how to make a bed properly, and I thrive in extremely regimented conditions, so I identify.  IF you happen to need a plan, the Bulletproof thing might be a great start.

They had me at “butter in your coffee.”  But of course I had to research further.  When I realized the outline of the diet is pretty similar to the way we live in this household I was intrigued.  So, for the record from what I have read so far it seems pretty legit. I am not into legalism so I don’t think mineral sugars are bad, but you know…I love dessert and I don’t find it a problem.  I don’t agree with the no-honey thing.  But again, they are talking diet.  I’m talking lifestyle.

So what did I say in a previous post?


Grass-fed (preferably raw) dairy and meats.



No refined sugar.


No vegetable oils and especially no corn or canola oil.


If you are going to have grains, soak and/or sprout them.


ORGANIC produce.


Coconut oil rules for almost everything.

I’m not a scientist but I like to research.  I’m not a health guru but I know how to take a body from the picture of un-health to a radiant specimen of wellness.  It ain’t hard, just eat real food and…

Just say no to un-food (which, let’s be honest, is basically everything these days.  Take the time to seek out real food by changing where you shop and actually reading ingredient labels.  It becomes fun after the adjustment period, I promise)!


P.S.  And just so we can all have a moment of REAL TALK.  Although I haven’t read the Bulletproof Diet book I agree with the intermittent fasting portion of the diet, because guess what?  The Bible talks about it.  Know what I have found is pretty accurate in terms of what is good for us?  What the Bible says.  After I had Weston my doula (at my behest) blended up parts of my placenta in a shake and gave it to me.  I puked.  My God-fearing midwife, while holding back a bit of laughter, informed me that nowhere in the Bible does it mention humans consuming the placenta after childbirth…so there is probably nothing to it.  Maybe there is…but probably, there isn’t.  Reasoning then leads one to consider that if the Bible does mention it (as in the case of intermittent fasting), there is probably something to it.  Just sayin’.

You Don’t Have To Know How To Cook To Eat Well.

Inspired by a vlog that Mama Natural posted recently (which I cannot seem to locate at the moment) I decided to take some totally unplanned pictures of a super fast meal I cooked to show you that eating healthily is not only easy, it’s pretty speedy too.  You have to know a few things, of course, but other than what I will share with you here, you really don’t need to know much about cooking to make a delicious and nutritious meal for your family.

Here we go.


6:01pm is not exactly planning ahead when your man gets home at 6:30pm.  Not to fear!  I have thawed meat and random veggies that I can make into something.  After a cursory look, I am saddened to find no potatoes, as they are always acceptable as a side with steak (at least for my cowboy of a husband), but I did find some polenta in the pantry, (which leads me to my next point which is that I have some tricks for stocking a pretty useful pantry that I will post in the near future) and that is totally cool because toddlers love them some crispy polenta.


If you are wondering why this sirloin says not for sale it is because we save money on our grass-fed meat by buying 1/4 to a full cow at a time and keeping it in our huge freezer.  It’s actually pretty bad-ass in terms of convenience to do it that way.  (Btw if you have never read my previous posts on cussing, ASS is not cuss-they say it on the radio.)

I like to bring a steak to room temp before grilling.  I take it out, pat it dry, season generously with salt and pepper and let sit for at least 30 minutes.


Next I prep my vegetables.  I learned from Mr. H. the order in which to cook foods.  I literally knew NOTHING when we first met, and honestly don’t know how I survived so long in this world.  But anyway, there is an order to things as far as the density of vegetables goes and I shall enlighten you here.



If you are using potatoes or polenta, heat a pan with oil and butter and get those going first.  They need to cook the whole time you do other stuff.

As you can see I’m working with the end of week supplies so what I make is entirely contingent upon what I have leftover.


Chop chop chop.

Heat a cast iron skillet (more and more I am exclusively using cast iron.  They are beautifully seasoned and nothing ever sticks.  I LOVE them), because the non-stick kind is bad-bad.

A few tablespoons of sunflower oil (not canola folks; if you don’t know why it’s because canola is literally Canada Oil and due to an agreement with the FDA some years ago they have successfully worked a rancid oil not fit for human consumption into almost every recipe book and food blog in this country under the guise of “flavorless” and “healthy” when it is anything BUT…all because it is a super cheap and a genetically altered crop), and of course a couple of tablespoons of grass-fed butter until melted, on medium.


Onions and carrots first until soft and translucent.  Then I make a little well and add the garlic.  Spread it around and wait until you just smell it’s loveliness.  Wait maybe 20 more seconds to “sweat” it and then add your other ingredients.



For me this was kale, which gets added before the spinach as it is thicker and needs a bit more time.  Sally Fallon says that thicker greens such as kale need to be cooked so as to help the digestive system break them down.  I get that.  I used to eat kale raw a lot-and although I still do at times, I now make sure to massage salt and oil into it first.  Helps the gut.


Add the spinach.


A peak over at the polenta.  I mostly keep a splash guard over this pan.


Once the veggies are finished add more oil if needed and throw on that steak.  Nice and hot is the name of the game with steak so don’t fear the smoke.  Also, I find that the lovely crust comes from the drying/peppering/and oiling of the nice and hot pan.  As far as steakhouse steaks go, this oiling and heating idea comes from there.  Very often they will finish the steak in the oven, but I just cook the whole thing on the stove, as we like ours med-rare.


The polenta draining on some paper towels.


Dinner on the table. (The steak is cut because Dub and I just eat the end off of Mr. H’s steak; I find that is plenty for us.)


The husband arriving home at…


A little late, and good thing when you consider that I took about a 10-15 minute break to change a diaper and take some pics of this babe:


I didn’t consider dinner until way too late, I used what I had on hand, and this is what I got in return:


I am way too blessed for the way I’ve lived my life, but I’ll take it.

Now go make some real food.




We wanted dessert so I made molasses spice cookies while dada gave dub a bath and bam: happiness.





You can find the recipe HERE.  The only changes I made were that I used sprouted flour, and fresh ginger instead of dried.

Happy eating y’all.


The Three Month Belly Shot. And The Lotion That Saves You From Stretch Marks.


Well there it is.  The belly.  And check this out, I was lying on my back waking up slowly the other morning when I felt something in my belly that was different from a gas bubble.  It actually caused me to put my hand on my lower abdomen to see what it was.  Oh man.  It was the rounded spine of my little tiny baby!  Later on in pregnancy a rounded spine is very apparent and so since I’ve experienced it before I knew it when I felt it!  My little egg sized baby was moving around in there and I could actually feel it in my belly and with my fingers!  So cool.  I can honestly say that until that moment the pregnancy (even with all the sickness and fatigue) wasn’t real to me yet.


And let me introduce to you the lotion that may actually save you from stretch marks.  Weleda Skin Food (I buy it at Super Supplements).  It is AH-MAZING.  I began using it a couple of times a day starting around 5 or 6 months into my pregnancy with Weston and let me tell you, this stuff is oily.  It doesn’t go away.  It soaks in but there is still so much oil you know it is doing its job.  It ain’t cheap, but it’s natural and it’s pure and it works.  Of course diet plays a very important role in the moisture content of your skin so don’t just avoid that aspect of pregnancy health and try to band-aid a problem.  Drink tons of water and make sure you are eating real food, sans pesticides.  And just as a little tip, if you want a skin-super-food get some pasture-fed gelatin and eat it every single day.  I put it in my shakes, but yesterday I made real juice jello with it and now I will never need to get botox.  It’s collagen.  It’s straight-up collagen.  Here is where to get it from a company that humanely raises their pastured cows: Great Lakes Gelatin.  If you do not yet know why it is important to eat beef and dairy products from grass-fed cows please read THIS.


For a while there when Weston was younger he had some pretty bad eczema.  Nothing I did seemed to relieve it.  I was nervous to try the Weleda because I thought it may be too much for his little baby skin.  I took him to his pediatrician and he said to use Eucerin and several other name brand lotions.  I tried.  Nothing.  Days of applying what the doctor ordered and things just seemed to get worse.  I know enough to know that Lubriderm and lotions like that are not good and that they hardly moisturize because-how could they with all the added scents and chemicals? but I thought maybe the doc knew something I didn’t.  Then I just decided to try the Weleda.  It took two days of applying twice a day and what had been about 5 months of dry and flaky and beginning to crack skin was restored to perfect baby skin condition.

I am a believer.  Regarding stretch marks however, sometimes they just happen and the most important thing to do if you get them is to tone your abs.  I saw a picture of this super sexy abdomen with stretch marks and it said something about a tiger earning her stripes.  I thought that was rad.  How true is that?  Anyway, as my mama always said “Moisturize moisturize moisturize!”