Ha. What Did I Say? Fad Diet Called “Bulletproof” Might Actually Be Onto Something.


Remember how in my last post I mentioned that we don’t diet in this family?  We don’t, and quite honestly I have never heard of a fad-diet that I thought was anything but a bunch of hooey, only interested in making money off of unsuspecting and well-intentioned-albeit uninformed-people.  Except, this whole “Bulletproof Diet” that seems to be a big deal might be the first “fad” that I actually kind of agree with.  Not all of it of course, but most.

I happen to understand that some people need a plan to follow.  I went to girls boot camp.  I know how to make a bed properly, and I thrive in extremely regimented conditions, so I identify.  IF you happen to need a plan, the Bulletproof thing might be a great start.

They had me at “butter in your coffee.”  But of course I had to research further.  When I realized the outline of the diet is pretty similar to the way we live in this household I was intrigued.  So, for the record from what I have read so far it seems pretty legit. I am not into legalism so I don’t think mineral sugars are bad, but you know…I love dessert and I don’t find it a problem.  I don’t agree with the no-honey thing.  But again, they are talking diet.  I’m talking lifestyle.

So what did I say in a previous post?


Grass-fed (preferably raw) dairy and meats.



No refined sugar.


No vegetable oils and especially no corn or canola oil.


If you are going to have grains, soak and/or sprout them.


ORGANIC produce.


Coconut oil rules for almost everything.

I’m not a scientist but I like to research.  I’m not a health guru but I know how to take a body from the picture of un-health to a radiant specimen of wellness.  It ain’t hard, just eat real food and…

Just say no to un-food (which, let’s be honest, is basically everything these days.  Take the time to seek out real food by changing where you shop and actually reading ingredient labels.  It becomes fun after the adjustment period, I promise)!


P.S.  And just so we can all have a moment of REAL TALK.  Although I haven’t read the Bulletproof Diet book I agree with the intermittent fasting portion of the diet, because guess what?  The Bible talks about it.  Know what I have found is pretty accurate in terms of what is good for us?  What the Bible says.  After I had Weston my doula (at my behest) blended up parts of my placenta in a shake and gave it to me.  I puked.  My God-fearing midwife, while holding back a bit of laughter, informed me that nowhere in the Bible does it mention humans consuming the placenta after childbirth…so there is probably nothing to it.  Maybe there is…but probably, there isn’t.  Reasoning then leads one to consider that if the Bible does mention it (as in the case of intermittent fasting), there is probably something to it.  Just sayin’.