Do You Love Ron Swanson So Much You Have His Portrait On Your Dining Room Wall?


We do.  If you don’t watch Parks and Rec. you should start.  It is probably the most amazing show ever.  Not that we have time to watch anything ever anymore, but still…I have memories.  Also, I was recently reminded of a favorite quote of his:

“Never half-ass two things, whole ass one thing.”

Which is exactly what I have done this week.  I am whole-assing failure like it’s going out of style, and loving it.  Apparently one should never have the thought “I’m going to NOT EAT BREAD” because it leads to exactly the opposite.  Sure, I haven’t tried very hard, except to not buy bread.  It’s hilarious that I would think that would stop me because instead of thinking “Hm…I didn’t buy bread so I need to make food with some other substance” every morning I think “Oh!  We’re out of bread I need to make bread alternatives like sourdough english muffins and quick breads like coconut flour-flax-muffins for breakfast!”


Never made english muffins before.  Guess what?  They are super easy and of course they taste amazing.  I used my starter so the dough proofed overnight but it took very little time.  I flattened the dough out the next morning with my hands because I don’t have a rolling-pin and it was as simple as using a drinking glass to cut them out and then grill them on the griddle.

Oh and yet another reason you should be cooking with cast iron.  Nothing sticks when you use and season them properly and they are perfect for cooking tortillas and english muffins!




I’m going to perfect this recipe and post it soon.  I added the honey in the morning after the initial proof and I think maybe I will heat it before mixing it in so it spreads more evenly next time.  They tasted perfect, but I could actually see the honey inside the muffins so I know I need to tweak something.


So this morning when I realized once again “We are out of bread!” I thought well we should make healthy bread today.  These muffins are actually quite genius.  Not joking.  Since we are going to Mexico soon I need to start clearing the fridge of items that may go bad so these muffins have:

Coconut flour, flaxseed meal, honey yogurt, sour cream, homemade applesauce, butter and lots of eggs.  (Of course they also have baking soda and powder, coconut sugar, and salt and other items that won’t go bad.)  They are kind of totally amazing.  I know very little about baking with coconut flour but I do know that it is very dry so I added three times the eggs I normally would, and some sour cream!


I took some time to paint my toes and get ma hairs did yesterday which felt amazing.

Almost as amazing as eating these muffins.

I don’t do New Years Resolutions, but maybe I’ll try a post-Mexico resolution regarding bread this year.

Or not.