Hi I’m Bee.  When you boil all of it down to one thing I suppose it would be accurate to say I’m a rebel.  I like to question the norm, so that’s why I’m here.  I cuss, although I’ve recently quit cussing, but in my heart I really do cuss.  I love God.  I have tattoos.  I hate industrialized food.  My heroes are Joel Salatin and Weston A. Price.  I love my husband and little baby boy.  I absolutely do question authority, and this blog is a place where I document just how rebellious I can be.  Enjoy.

About this blog:  I used to eat a lot of soy because they told us it was healthy.  Soy yogurt, soy ice cream, earth balance margarine, soy chips, tempeh, tofu, and a ton of processed food from Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods.  I couldn’t understand why I felt bloated all the time, and why I lacked energy.  I ended up going to get colonics and started to learn all the ways I had been screwing my body up.  It’s all about BMing people, and the truth is we need to talk about it.  If your digestive tract isn’t healthy, you aren’t, and you probably show it.  I started soaking nuts, sprouting grains, drinking probiotic beverages, eating REAL GRASS FED BUTTER, and grass fed beef, and I’ve been happier with my body and energy since.  Actually, this may be TMI but here I go: once I stopped drinking regular milk with hormones in it and replaced it with raw full fat milk I lost a bra cup size.  Okay that wasn’t as TMI as I thought it would be, there will be much worse than that here.  But really?  What. The. Eff.  Scary.  Now I eat real food, and it’s just one more way to flip the bird to the man.  Join me.

Addendum:  Since May of 2013 when the husband was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, we cut out all gluten and grains from our diet.  We don’t do any refined sugars, and we eat pretty much entirely organic.  We do local whenever possible, and during the summer we grow our produce.

NOW: The husband is on a proper medication that seems to be helping quite a lot and since an elimination diet is the only way we could possibly (and even then, who knows) find what ails him, we have decided to roll with using the medication for now and eating to the best of our health-knowledge.  That means whole ancient grains properly prepared (soaked/sprouted/long fermentations), grass-fed meats, wild game, grass-fed dairy, local and organic produce, and only whole-minerals-in-tact-sugars (grade B maple syrup, coconut sugar, sucanat, rapadura).  We find that this is the healthiest way that most closely resembles how humans have eaten for hundreds of years, and it makes us feel absolutely wonderful.


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  1. Bee I enjoy reading your blog and I love that you are so genuine and real. Keep it going and good for you! Weston is such a cutie pie!

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