House Of Baltic Linen. Moments.


As we usher in the new year, I look back over the last 5 months in awe of all I have learned.  One of those things is that I hold dear the lack of excess left us by the fire.  I am constantly having to explain to Mr. H. that no, in fact I do not want to ‘store’ this or that item, despite the ample closet space in our new home.  If I do not use something daily, it’s out.  I want to have only the cast iron pans I use, only the clay pots I make stews and bread in, and only the linens that are constantly on rotation.  I have one box for next year’s Christmas decor to store and that makes me happy.  I may be a bit on the extreme side as far as simplicity goes but that is an offense I am willing to incur if it means I love what I have, and have not what is not actually needed.  I’m sounding kind of fancy right now, maybe it’s coming from my new French ticking bed linens.

Okay let’s get serious.  I am a deal hunter, but it is not at the expense of quality.  Or…is it?  Mr. H. and Dub and I all have linens that are nice, and they cost less than the higher-end linens.  What is higher end?  Well, it runs the gamut really, but I consider two places to be higher end because of the QUALITY of the linen (as opposed to overhead mark-up) and the woman who crafts it.  One is Rough Linen.  The other is House of Baltic Linen out of Australia.  I haven’t bought much from her because I couldn’t justify the price but this entire post is about the lesson I have learned in trying to save a few bucks.


For Christmas I received this French ticking summer blanket and two pillow shams from my sister.  When I saw the name on the bag I was extremely excited, but it wasn’t until I touched-no, in fact I could actually SEE the quality difference in the linen-that I realized how it is worth every. damn. penny. to go for the good stuff.  It is what I have heard people describe as “sleeping on a cloud” and “sinking into heaven.”  This is true heirloom quality linen that can be passed down from generation to generation.


Add to this the fact that Doville (the woman behind the magic) is super helpful and nice (and patient; I email her all the time because I’m obsessed with her linens, but have ever only bought one thing).


So let me tell you first hand that if you are considering going linen because I’ve geeked about it, or because you have been thinking about it for a long time, go straight to the good stuff and see what all the rage is about.  Also, do yourself a favor and don’t go buy linen from Restoration Hardware or somewhere that charges a lot but is not the same quality.

Go to House of Baltic Linen.  I buy from (and now she has a lifelong customer not only in me, but my mom and sis who have both been transformed by her product) her Etsy shop HERE.


Start with some pillow cases and tell me you aren’t converted.

In other news, I have the most amazing children in the world.  Duh.  What a blessing to experience this love here on earth.



And Mr. Ham; I sure do love him too.

I plan to cook, bake, and blog more than ever this year.  Who knows if that will happen, but my most important goal is one that most certainly will happen.



4 thoughts on “House Of Baltic Linen. Moments.

  1. I’m so happy you posted this – I’ve been curious about where to find good linen. I’m going to save up for these!
    Happy New Year, Bee!

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