Things That Make Me Happy.


I can feel myself re-entering the land of the living a little bit.  What is more important than being a mom to these two precious lives?  Nothing.  But Dolly has hit the three-month mark and I’m spending a little more time in the kitchen.  Granted, I pretty much only make potato based dishes and the only meat in this house has been bacon for months, but I don’t see too much wrong with that.  It’s good quality bacon, and the pounds of grass-fed butter that I swear by to lose weight are doing their job.


It’s the simple things that are making me really happy.




Yes, that is Ron Swanson on our dining room wall.  Of course.




Sweet godfather moments.


I’m pretty much obsessed with cast iron these days.  The more I use my pans the better they get.  I will do a post on how I care for my cast iron here soon but let me tell you, it’s easy.  No soap ever, of course, and the right oil for coating really does the trick.  Nothing sticks ever, and they are old school-which I love.


Last but not least, dipes.  I used to be a cloth diaper mama-but the fire.  People did give me some cloth, and I’ve used them and will continue to…but right now with all the diaper changes, it’s easier to use disposables.  At least until I get adjusted.  We use Earth’s Best diapers and wipes.  On the left are my answers to all things, pretty much.  If you would have told me even a few months ago that I would be into essential oils, I would have said you were smoking something.  I know, oils are natural so why wouldn’t it be the same as with food?  Well, these specific oils are it.  Their practices are the purest and their approach to growing, harvest, and distillation really resonates with me since if you are going to use these in place of store-bought medicines they better be pure.  For diaper rash I use virgin coconut oil with a few drops of lavender and Melaleuca.  Frankincense helps oils do their job and is truly a wonder oil.  I’m not selling Dōterra oils.  Nope.  Just a huge, HUGE fan.

Happy day party people.

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