Dolly’s Here!


Introducing Miss Thang.  Dahlia Lee Ham, born healthy and utterly perfect at 10:21am September 9th, 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. Thank you all for your prayers for a safe delivery-there is no doubt in my mind that God wanted us at the hospital this time, even though I can’t see the exact reasons right now.  She is here and she is a dream.  Wow new babies are easy.  I mean, the first time around I never would have said or believed it, but all they do is eat and sleep!  It is amazing.  With the first baby you are just so dang scared that it is all overwhelming and hard to enjoy.  This time, as I watch Dub run rampant screaming and destroying everything in his path, I realize just how easy she is.  I’m beginning to get a handle on two, but that part is still a little overwhelming.

We are not yet in our new home, but we hope to be by early next month.  I am so excited.

The delivery was peaceful and completely different from Weston’s home birth.  We arrived at the hospital at 2am and I was 7cm dilated.  I promptly requested whatever drugs they had lying around and proceeded to relax into a completely surreal version of childbirth.  Guess what?  Your body will birth a baby with or without your help.  I can’t choose which one was better, but I can tell you that Dolly’s birth hurt a lot less.

I should note that if you are anywhere in the Spokane area and interested in having a baby, I have two recommendations for you.  If you want a home birth you just must go with Margaret Lipton.  She is a certified nurse midwife and in my mind is the best of both worlds.  She knows when to make the call as far as going to the hospital, and she has the education and experience to recognize what she is seeing so she can make those decisions in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a hospital birth, but you want a natural experience we were completely blown away by Dr. Douglas Brown and his team at Valley Hospital.  They default to every natural method I hoped for: placing baby immediately on me, delayed cord clamping, deferring to our preferences regarding immunizations and tests, etc.  Dr. Brown is a different kind of doctor, taking real time to hear what you prefer, and ensuring that is the case when the time comes.  It is most certainly not about what is convenient for him, or mandated by the hospital.  I’m not saying all docs are like that…but they certainly get a bad rap for being that way from the natural birth world.

We feel unbelievably blessed to have our beautiful family here and healthy.  Now for the next phase in our lives.  I cannot wait to get settled so I can start blogging and cooking and baking again!  Stay tuned. -Bee


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