Full Term Belly Shot And Some News.


So life is interesting.  I bet you already know that.  For one reason or another life always seems to throw us curve balls.  BALLS.  One might think I’d had my fair share over the last month or so, but apparently I’m much stronger than even I knew.  One thing I hadn’t shared on here is that we did end up finding out our baby’s gender.  It’s a girl and her name is Dahlia.  I will call her Dolly.  (Side note: I would have named her Bam-Bam if Mr. H. would have allowed it-she is lucky he is around.  I’ve always loved that  name.)  So since I don’t have a home at the moment Dub and I have moved from the RV to my mom’s house to prep her guest room for the birth of Miss Dolly.  I had an ultrasound a few days ago (due to some inconsistencies in the reported location of my placenta in my 24 week ultrasound) and there were “unexpected findings.”  Ominous.


I’ll cut to the chase.  I don’t have a lot of amniotic fluid which led the doc reviewing the scan to look closely at my placenta.  What she found was that the umbilical cord insertion is on the very edge and the placenta looks as though it’s been shrinking to hang on.  Trouble attaching properly I suppose.  Could be due to the several IUD’s I’ve had over the years causing scar tissue in there.  What we know from my past is that with Weston’s birth the placenta detached prematurely during labor and there was some hemorrhaging on my part.  It was a bit scary.  Knowing what we know about amniotic fluid helping to ensure that the umbilical cord is not compressed, my scar tissue laden uterus (or whatever), and whatever else, my wonderful midwife and I have decided it’s best to have this gal in the hospital.  Honestly, I used to FEAR a c-section.  If you told me that I had to get this baby out of me right now to save her life you wouldn’t have a hope of stopping me from cutting my belly open (with a c-section tutorial playing on YouTube of course) and pulling her out myself.  Not joking.

So life is interesting and here we are.  I have to wait.  There is no immediate action that needs to be taken (I guess) except to monitor Dolly closely.  Non-stress test is on Sunday.  Then we do a transfer of care to a wonderful Doc that my midwife works closely with.  If I don’t go into labor naturally (or if something changes like Doll’s movements) before Monday I guess we discuss induction.  I don’t know how to do nothing.  I simply don’t know how people settle for wringing their hands.  I want a bottle of whisky and a pack of cigarettes.  I can’t have those, obviously and so I’m forced to put FAITH and TRUST into real and actual action.  Once again.  Thank you Lord for the serious vote of confidence in my abilities to be strong and be “given much.”  I am trying not to disappoint you.


Oh and hey if you believe…if you BELIEVE, shoot a prayer up for our Doll baby will ya?





4 thoughts on “Full Term Belly Shot And Some News.

  1. I’m one of Jaes co workers and I’ve read your blog for a short while. I love your attention to every little detail. Thank you for sharing and Dolly. I’ve been praying for you all as you walk this new trail in life since the fire. Will pray now specifically for the delivery. I’m so thankful God’s able to handle every little detail. I’m praying for peace as you wait and rest which both sound nearly impossible to me. I’m constantly asking Him to be near. To stop and Be near just like He did in the bible with the woman who grabbed the hem of His garment. He us so able. Amen

    • Kristi,
      Thank you so so much. It is prayer that is comforting me these days with all that is on my plate and I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and the fact that you would pray for us. God is in control and knowing there are prayer warriors out there petitioning Him on our behalf is such a HUGE blessing. Thank YOU. -Bee

  2. Praying for calm and peace through through this time for you! And a healthy delivery and baby girl:) life is so unexpected but God is in control of it all so we don’t have to worry:) I can’t wait to meet that baby girl! You will do great mama!

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