You Should Totally Make This Tart.


I am so pregnant.  I know because I am making food like crazy, A, and B, I am compromising on some things.  Well, one thing.  The use of all-purpose flour.  I’m taking certain liberties with Sally Fallon’s claim that “This is the only recipe in which we compromise somewhat on our principles. Bulgur or sprouted wheat flour can be used for pie crust, but the exacting gourmet will prefer to use unbleached white flour.”

I am, as it so happens, “an exacting gourmet” don’t you know.  That said, I most certainly am not using refined sugars, pesticide-laden ingredients, or anything but the highest quality and local produce/eggs/milk I can find.  Pastured, grass-fed animals are a must around here.  And once again, the all-purpose flour I use is local and organic and I feel better about it than if I were to be using the yuck stuff.  Much better.  Just so you know though I have made this pie crust with sprouted flour many times and it turns out just perfect.  In both cases I fully bake the crust and then assemble the ingredients.

Moving right along.


This is less a recipe than it is a request, and so I’m not posting the process as much as the beauty and finale of the thing.

Please make this fresh-summer-celebration-strawberry tart, stat.

It. Was. Delicious.

I used Sally’s recipe for a pastry crust from HERE.

I used the custard recipe from SMITTEN KITCHEN.

I changed only this:

For Sally’s crust I used a pinch of mineral sea salt and a pinch of coconut sugar.  (I probably could have used a teaspoon of coconut sugar, but when I mentioned changing anything both the husband and Dub’s godfather” Uh-Pah” insisted that nothing must change in this tart.  Okay then, that’s what mama likes to hear.)

I thinly sliced and multi-layered the strawberries.

I used coconut sugar so my custard was light brown (and OH SO DELICIOUS).

I of course used pastured free-range eggs for the yolks, grass-fed butter, and grass-fed milk.


I whipped it up a little at a time.  The crust is super fast if you have a food processor.  That takes 10 minutes and then you set it in the fridge to cool for about an hour.

Then I made the custard which is also fast (about 15-20 minutes at most) and then needs to cool.

I sliced the strawberries at my leisure, and we ate just this custard for dinner.  It was perfect.  Granted, later in the evening I found that watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown was like watching porn for food and I wasn’t at all interested in any of the parts that were not about food.  I suppose tart for dinner just wasn’t enough for me and the baby.  Live and learn.


No this is not the same photo used a million times.  It is just that apparently I really like strawberries.  And taking pictures of them.  And tarts.  And strawberry-custard tart.

Sue me.



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