Life Is Pretty Exciting. Meet My Sister.


Her name is Tory but I call her Wist.  She calls me Wist too so it can get confusing but if you know who is talking you can pretty much determine who is being referenced.  We have always been really close and although we sound almost identical when we speak we are pretty much opposites.  Until recently (as in the last few years) we were not at all on the same page with nutrition, however that has changed drastically and along with the changes we have made to our diets we have experienced incredible changes in our bodies and with our heath.

The reason I’m blogging about this is that we have decided to start a new venture together.  We are in the very beginning stages of something exciting and I want to get some feedback about it.  Doing something health-focused has always been my dream.  There are some people who always need to be taking a class, expanding their minds, traveling, learning…I am one of those people, so the thought that each new chapter in life can offer an exciting new adventure is super cool.

Part of our goal is to teach people how to “healthify” (for lack of a better word) their lives.  We want to share with people how to purge their pantry and shop more conscientiously for food that will actually nourish their bodies.  Wist works as an overseer/coordinator for a local business that is very into health and real food and supplements and weight loss so she knows a thing or two about this.  We want to teach people how to make healthier choices even if they don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to food prep.  Another thing we want to address is the big lie that we have all been fed about food.  Dr. Oz actually recently had a program about how it turns out it is actually okay to eat an egg a day, despite what we have been told about cholesterol.  I like him and think he is pretty open-minded, and this is just one example of how behind we all are in revealing to the world the BIG LIE.  You guys, the cholesterol study was a joke, and you had better eat more than one egg a day.  With butter…but I digress.

Food is just one aspect of what we want to address with our new venture.  Of course I am all over that bed-overhaul you have planned.  In need of healthy bed and bedding?  Duh, I’m your gal.

What we want to know from you is, what would you like most to learn?  A weeks worth of easy recipes?  How to properly interpret food labels?  How to order food when you are out?  How to enjoy the richness and deliciousness of food, never feeling like you are on a diet again, while losing weight?

I know because I have lived this.  Wist knows because she teaches this daily.  Let us share with you.  Leave comments, or email me, or phone me if you have my number.  Tell us what you want to learn.


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