The Three Month Belly Shot. And The Lotion That Saves You From Stretch Marks.


Well there it is.  The belly.  And check this out, I was lying on my back waking up slowly the other morning when I felt something in my belly that was different from a gas bubble.  It actually caused me to put my hand on my lower abdomen to see what it was.  Oh man.  It was the rounded spine of my little tiny baby!  Later on in pregnancy a rounded spine is very apparent and so since I’ve experienced it before I knew it when I felt it!  My little egg sized baby was moving around in there and I could actually feel it in my belly and with my fingers!  So cool.  I can honestly say that until that moment the pregnancy (even with all the sickness and fatigue) wasn’t real to me yet.


And let me introduce to you the lotion that may actually save you from stretch marks.  Weleda Skin Food (I buy it at Super Supplements).  It is AH-MAZING.  I began using it a couple of times a day starting around 5 or 6 months into my pregnancy with Weston and let me tell you, this stuff is oily.  It doesn’t go away.  It soaks in but there is still so much oil you know it is doing its job.  It ain’t cheap, but it’s natural and it’s pure and it works.  Of course diet plays a very important role in the moisture content of your skin so don’t just avoid that aspect of pregnancy health and try to band-aid a problem.  Drink tons of water and make sure you are eating real food, sans pesticides.  And just as a little tip, if you want a skin-super-food get some pasture-fed gelatin and eat it every single day.  I put it in my shakes, but yesterday I made real juice jello with it and now I will never need to get botox.  It’s collagen.  It’s straight-up collagen.  Here is where to get it from a company that humanely raises their pastured cows: Great Lakes Gelatin.  If you do not yet know why it is important to eat beef and dairy products from grass-fed cows please read THIS.


For a while there when Weston was younger he had some pretty bad eczema.  Nothing I did seemed to relieve it.  I was nervous to try the Weleda because I thought it may be too much for his little baby skin.  I took him to his pediatrician and he said to use Eucerin and several other name brand lotions.  I tried.  Nothing.  Days of applying what the doctor ordered and things just seemed to get worse.  I know enough to know that Lubriderm and lotions like that are not good and that they hardly moisturize because-how could they with all the added scents and chemicals? but I thought maybe the doc knew something I didn’t.  Then I just decided to try the Weleda.  It took two days of applying twice a day and what had been about 5 months of dry and flaky and beginning to crack skin was restored to perfect baby skin condition.

I am a believer.  Regarding stretch marks however, sometimes they just happen and the most important thing to do if you get them is to tone your abs.  I saw a picture of this super sexy abdomen with stretch marks and it said something about a tiger earning her stripes.  I thought that was rad.  How true is that?  Anyway, as my mama always said “Moisturize moisturize moisturize!”

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