Pregnancy Food Obsessions.


(For those of you waiting with bated breath for the final bed reveal and part 3 of Is Your Bed Bad For You? I promise it is coming, but there was a slight hiccup along the way.  I will explain a little more when I post those pictures, but for now just ruminate on the possibility that God may have something to teach me in every trench and on every mountain peak.  Too cryptic?  Okay, basically something horrific happened to our brand new down comforter and it is being replaced.  I know.  I KNOW.)

Onward and upward.  Let’s talk about pregnancy and food.

Most of you know I’m a foodie.  What that means to all of you I don’t know, but to me it means I geek over food, I cannot abide un-food, and I will passionately (and probably overwhelmingly) share with you all I know.  The first three months of this pregnancy I couldn’t do food, and that was sad.  Now that I’m out of that phase I am very clear about what I want.  Bagels and lox.  That’s it.  That is all I want in the entire world (plus sleep) and if I get it I am like a little girl getting a Barbie corvette.  Geekin.’


Say what you will about the danger of smoked salmon when pregnant, I will refer you to my midwife who says that the danger is remote, and now I welcome you to all pregnancies after the first one where I was totally paranoid and freaked out about every. little. thing.  I am not careless, mind you.  I am just overtly aware of all the fear mongering out there.  I consider all the amazing things in salmon I am giving the baby so much more powerful than the remote risk that smoked salmon holds.  Now, I’ve quit drinking raw milk.  I’m no longer messing with pre-existing bacteria even though I’m sure good will prevail.  I do indulge in a small cup of coffee a day.  Shoot me.  When I was down in Mexico a hostess was surprised that I was okay with a little coffee.  She informed me that her doctor told her that she should avoid that and only allow herself a tiny bit once a week at most.  I respect that.  I couldn’t help but wonder if that same doctor highly recommended dosing her full of pain meds the moment she went into labor so his manliness wouldn’t have to helplessly hear her scream.  Too harsh?  (ps I have no judgement on taking drugs during labor, believe me, I’m merely speaking to the hypocrisy of that doctor.)  Anyway, you get what I’m saying.  We all have our own way of doing things and short of putting your little unborn baby in peril, I think it’s okay if we have different opinions.  Thanks for indulging my rants.


So yeah, chop up some fresh dill and put it in your cream cheese.  Toast a bagel.  Spread the cream cheese on there.  Top with smoked salmon and capers and voila!



What else do I need lately?  Mexican food.  Can’t find any acceptable Mexican in this town-NO idea why, but I’ve resorted to just making it myself.  I will post soon on our impending Mexican fiesta complete with my favorite pico de gallo recipe.  I can’t stomach my famous sourdough bread, and oddly, I cannot stomach too much butter.  I am not even myself lately it’s so strange.  I have been having a load of trouble sleeping, probably because I’m pregnant so I’ve had to resort to researching a healthy diet for sleep.  Last night I ate a container of full fat greek yogurt with honey from Trader Joes and dude.  DUDE.  It was delicious AND it made me sleep like a rock.  Dairy products contain tryptophan and when coupled with a carbohydrate or honey, they aid in sleep.  My new absolute necessity before bed is that mix, until I overdo it to the point I can no longer hear its name spoken without gagging.  That will happen as it has with every food obsession during this pregnancy so far.

Coming up a three month belly shot, Part 3 of the Is Your Bed Bad For You? series, and food.  Lots. More. Food.


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