Blueberry Orange Sprouted Pancakes


I bake a lot more than I post.  Thank God.  Some of that is because I simply cannot muster the energy to grab the camera, and some of it is because there is a lot of “flopping” that happens in my kitchen.  They are edible flops, but they flop nonetheless.  These pancakes are a rare and exceptional treat in that they never flopped (although they did indeed flap-har har) and they were perfection the very first time.  Pancakes are generally pretty good.  Sprouted flour or soaked pancakes are best because you know they are healthiest, but sprouted flour can have a grainy texture that I only tolerate.  These pancakes did not have that grainy texture, and they were moist, and they were flavorful, and dang, they were delicious.


I found this recipe on The Nourishing Gourmet and changed very little.  I didn’t have lemons, I added freshly ground flax, and I incorporated some heavy whipping cream because, well, I can.


As always, your final product is determined by the quality of the ingredients you choose.  I am blessed to have some little ladies laying eggs in the backyard, so if you can, choose pastured (not just free-range) eggs.  Grass-fed butter, grass-fed milk (we are now drinking pasteurized grass-fed whole milk instead of raw, just for the duration of the pregnancy.  I was taking Sally Fallon’s advice and drinking quarts of raw milk a day, but then I had a convo with Dub’s pediatrician and became convinced of the “better safe than sorry” mentality.  That might be the only way I am more regimented this pregnancy over the first.  I’ll do a post on subsequent pregnancy relaxation soon), real minerals-still-intact sugar sources, unrefined salt, organic fruit, aluminum-free rising agents…you get the picture.  All of this truly does affect the taste, but most importantly, the way you feel after you eat (feel, nourish your body, look, etc).



Blueberry Orange Sprouted Pancakes (adapted from The Nourishing Gourmet)

1.5c sprouted flour (I used wheat)

2T coconut sugar

1.5tsp baking powder

1/2tsp mineral sea salt

1 1/4c grass-fed whole milk

1/4c grass-fed heavy whipping cream

3T melted butter

2 large eggs (or whatever size eggs your particular chickens decided to lay that day)

zest from one orange

1/2-3/4c blueberries (I quickly thawed some frozen ones under warm running water)

toppings (we use copious amounts of butter and grade b maple syrup to taste)

Mix dry ingredients.  Melt butter in a pan and add it to the milks, eggs and zest.  Add dry until just combined, then fold in the blueberries.  I like to use cast iron for so many reasons.  Do it, it’s best for you and imparts lovely flavor.


Also, you kind of have to have bacon with pancakes.  The bacon we cooked this morning looks thin like normal big-chain grocery store bacon, but I assure you it is local and beyond organic.




These pancakes are awesome just as I made them, but the beauty of knowing a little about ingredients is that you can substitute whatever you have on hand.  Don’t have blueberries?  Use some other berry.  Don’t have butter?  Use coconut oil.  Don’t have sprouted wheat?  Use spelt, or kamut, or…?  Sprouted flour is rad because I don’t have to prepare the grains a minimum of 12 hours ahead of time by soaking them.  I can be spontaneous and still have the digestibility of having soaked grains.  Beyond that, sprouting a grain makes it more similar to a vegetable than a grain.  Do this and feel good about it.


Go to your local health food store and buy a big bag of  sprouted flour and start baking with it.  You will notice you are having an easier time digesting your baked goods, and you will probably lose weight, but you have to use a ton of grass-fed butter, of course.  Then you will totally lose weight.


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