Mexico 2014.


Oh Mexico.  Another perfectly timed trip.  Winter here in Washington state is rather blah and for some reason this year more than ever before.  That is probably because I was so sick for the six weeks leading up to the trip, that Dub and I barely left the house and were literally dying for some sun.  There are 14 of our family members that have done this Mexico trip two years in a row now.  I am not sure if we are going to mix it up and try somewhere new next year, but the last two years have been totally amazing, due in no small part to the exceptional resort where we stay.


I’m pretty sure they put drops of essential oil in every water source so you are always distinctly aware of the clean and fresh environment.  I have done my fair share of world traveling, but haven’t had much experience with anything all-inclusive until now.  From what I’ve heard, all-inclusive is generally not so good.  The Marival is obviously the exception to this rule.  There are four excellent restaurants and full bars, including an amazing spa.  The menus have organic options, and every morning along with breakfast they serve fresh pressed juices.


The grounds are kept spotless and there are always attentive and kind staff on hand to help with whatever you need.  Until last year I was rather skeptical about travel in Mexico.  I believed what so many Americans believe, that Mexico is mostly a dangerous place, full of drug running and human trafficking.  I’ve been to several countries in Africa, some multiple times; I’ve been to Indonesia several times and alone; Thailand, Nepal, Costa Rica, Israel, Dubai, Jordan, all over Europe throughout my life, and so on.  Still, Mexico was probably my most feared destination with a baby.  It’s the movies probably.  I’m here to say that I was just plain wrong.  Of course there are danger zones in Mexico, but Nuevo Vallarta is probably safer than the town/city you live in, and the resort/compound at which we stay makes it even more so.  There are kids all around and everyone is super friendly.






We had a pretty cool visit from some iguanas several days in a row.  My uncle used to have one and warned us that it wasn’t the mouth we needed to avoid, but the tail, and it will whip around and slice you open in a second.  Still, we were probably getting too close (Jae especially, of course).  Then one time I was just sitting in the shallow pool and watching one of them and one of the staff walked up to him without noticing.  Once the guy saw the iguana he stopped immediately and veered WAY around him.  When in doubt do as the locals do.  I stopped lurking so closely after that.


We took a trip into Puerto Vallarta for “shopping” (but really just looking because most of it is…meh) and our favorite little restaurant for lunch.




We got to see a humpback whale and we weren’t even whale watching!




We enjoyed many days by the pool and many dinners together as a family.



Dub had his Umma with him every day for a week.  He was in hog heaven.



Oh, and my dad decided to interrupt probably one of the most peaceful moments of relaxation in the world by dumping a champagne bucket full of ice water on me in this exact moment…


Thanks pops, and watch your back.


This guy.


Oddly he wasn’t much for the water until about the 6th day in.


He did however, ask for pancakes every single morning.  Just like his mama; not so into water, way into food.



Thank you family for such a wonderful trip-we love you!

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