There was a window of time there in my very young life where I realized that I was so physically strong I could really hurt my sister when we played, and that scared me, so I began holding back.  Because of that I never realized my full physical potential, and that makes me sad.  What might I have been if I weren’t so gosh-darn concerned about other people and their feelings?  A CIA operative probably; just a star on a wall living on in top-secret infamy.

There was another window I failed to take advantage of a bit more recently, and that is the technological window.  Somewhere in my 20’s I got it.  I didn’t have to try and if I did I would understand almost immediately.  Either I stopped paying attention, I got lazy, or I just got old somewhere in between here and there.  I’m a technologically developmentally disabled person.  I stare at Lightroom and do all the right things to upload my photos, and I know what to do once they are in there, but for some reason the photos-although they show up- are unable to be tampered with, and that makes me sad.  Sad that I didn’t carpe that F-ing diem of technological prowess when I had the chance.  But I digress.

I do not post because I possess no acceptable photographs.  It isn’t a good reason, but it kind of is.  So here is this post; lacking in beauty and revealing to you all of my miserable shortcomings, but here nonetheless.  A few December photos.


What do you do when your sweet kitty starts peeing in places other than the cat box?  She was so perfect, until now…


Yup, that was our Christmas tree.  I can’t say I’m Suzie freaking homemaker, but at least I can only go up from here.


I love December, but I’m also happy to take it all down by the end of the month.  Ready for a fresh new year and a chance at illustrating my victory over housewifedom through a proper mantle display…next year, you are MINE!


Bam.  The cuteness is intoxicating.  I recently went through his room and officially stored all the baby stuff I am keeping for the next little one.  He has so much play space in his room now.  Can’t you tell he loves it?


Maxin’ and relaxin’ in his dada’s club chair.  This kid is obsessed with anything to do with his daddy at this point.  If I want him to wear or do something I just have to say “like dada” and he is all over it.

That first photo is of his Christmas gift from his Grandpa Cary and his Umma.  His first table and chairs from THIS etsy maker.  SO well made.  SO beautiful, and Weston was ready for it.  He hates being confined so the high chair was on the outs.  It was perfect timing.

Coming up, food stuff of course, a boy room tour, and a bed makeover.  I have moved my natural mama myopia from the kitchen to the bedroom for just long enough to get super crazy educated on all things healthy sleep, and you’re gonna hear about it.


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