Happy New Year!


I can’t even begin to explain the whirlwind of last month.  Not only were there a flurry of activities and family events, but I chose to make presents for everyone this year.  I sewed pillow covers with fabric specific to each person’s style, I macrame’d plant hangers and wall hangings, I knit head bands and scarves, and I baked and cooked, a lot.  My house was a disaster but I did it all and it was awesome! I love giving presents that I’ve poured my heart into.

I learned a lot this last year.  I am so grateful for my best friend and partner in this life and our beautiful baby boy who is growing much too fast.  I plan resume my regular posting schedule now that December is over.  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and New Year!  You can expect the usual recipes and photos of daily life, as well as a couple of new things which will remain under wraps for the moment, but I’m going to add a few different types of posts to the blog here soon.

Happy January and I totally don’t judge you if you go to the tanning salon.



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