Pictures and Seasons.


So much is changing lately I almost don’t have time to document it all.  The husband and I have been waiting for Dub to turn into this baby since we first saw the video when I was pregnant, and now it is happening.  The sounds coming out of our guy are hilarious and adorable.  He walks around the house with my phone to his ear having conversations with imaginary people and the vocal inflections are just to die for.  It’s so amazing to love someone so much and be able to watch them becoming who they are.


Every year around January I decide to move to L.A.  Every year.  I throw a fit and try to convince Mr. H. to fly south, and every year he patiently convinces me to wait a few more months.  OKAY, but only for a few more months, then we are OUT OF HERE.  By the time I’ve reached my breaking point the flowers are blooming and there is a hope springing eternal in my little brain and heart and I am way too busy cleaning out the cupboards and closets to have time to move.  Every. Single. Year.  Not joking.  So life marches on through the wonderful months of spring and summer and by the time September and October roll around I am more than ready for a change and a chunky cardigan.  Right now I’m in the throes of appreciation for the Northwest.  I love the idea of all sun all the time, but I need the four seasons.  Not to get all poetic or anything, (I really aim not to write pretty/poetic/achy/overly artistic mush on here so if that starts happening you have permission to punch me) but the seasons really echo the changes I experience as I grow, and having something tangible by which to mark those changes makes it all the more real.  I mean, I could just get a tattoo for every new thing I learn, but I already have quite a few of those and besides they are exPENSIVE.  How did I ever have money for all of these?  There are Belgian linen flat sheets to be purchased, why didn’t someone tell me?  Oh how the years will change you.



Dub is obsessed with our truck.  Obsessed doesn’t exactly cover it.  You know how an angst-ridden teenage girl will throw herself on the ground and writhe around crying because she loves the Beatles, or Elvis?  That is Dub with the truck.  It is called the Vroom, of course, and it is pretty much what he wakes up and goes to bed “talking” about.


As you can see, it is an older (and therefore loud) vehicle, so Dub gets to go with dada out to start it in the mornings, and sometimes I take him out there to rev the engine and turn the steering wheel if I’m feeling generous.  I know babies do this.  They get really into something and then parents spend all sorts of money on said thing and then it’s over, and the baby doesn’t grow up to be a mechanic, or a race car driver, or a vintage car refurbisher, etc.  They don’t even remember they cared.  Still, I have fantasies about having someone build an exact mini-replica of this truck.


As far as Montessori at home goes, if I give Dub a project, he is a happy baby.  His brain needs constant stimulation.  I’m really happy about this, although it means he gets sick of the toys on his shelf relatively quickly and is often off and into things that he should not be into.  So I’ve been trying to give him more stuff to figure out.  Above, just some sticks and a jar with a lid he could remove bought me about 30 minutes.  He loves the open/close thing.


Then I gave him some flour and a measuring cup and had him transfer all of the flour from one bowl to the other.  Eventually this just turned into flour all over the place and then he started to get bored and began spreading the flour in places other than on the designated towel so I did what any thinking mother would do and I added water to the flour.  That would most certainly renew interest and keep him in one place, no?  No.  Do not add water to flour because your just-barely-a-toddler baby will run off and spread it into every crevice and impossible to clean place they can find before you can catch them.  Keep checking back for results of mistakes you can avoid.


Oh and here is the beauty of the world.  I love her so much.


Dub is walking constantly now.  It’s amazing how quickly it just happened.  First steps and then boom, we have a walker.  It is a game changer for sure, but so far it hasn’t meant much more change as far a child proofing.  What worries me is the climbing.  He has started climbing anything he can and he is quite good at it, which means I have to be very aware of what he is doing at all times.  I usually am, but I don’t ever stick him in a playpen or a “safe room.”  We just try to communicate with him about what is and is not safe, so that makes this period of learning interesting.


Dub thinks that’s funny.


And last but not least, I’ve started making stuff.  I have been a big fan of Sally England for a while, (yes I seem to like people with the name Sally) but I don’t really see myself being able to afford one of her pieces anytime soon, so I decided to teach myself how to knot, as it were.  Above is my first real piece.  I’m giving it to Weston’s godfather for his birthday tomorrow.  He is probably going to hate it and I told him that, so of course now he insists I give it to him.  I’m a big fan of modern macramé.  Yes, if you are wondering, I do usually use the back door as is requested of most hippies.  I am kind of a hippie, but not like an “everything goes” kind of hippie.  I’m  pretty sure Jesus wore Birkenstocks though, I’ve seen a picture of it.  I do not.  Anyway, that is not what this post is about.

I have two posts waiting on the back burner.  One is totally for the ladies only, but you can read it since you will accidentally read it anyway.  Two, the oh-my-heavens best ice cream I’ve made yet.  If you don’t have an ice cream maker take my advice and skip that next tattoo you have planned.  Yes wintertime is a perfect time to buy an ice cream maker.  This one.

Peace, love, and ice cream.


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