Gwen Stephani, Pink, And Other Revolting Things.


Okay, maybe Gwen Stephani isn’t revolting, but the song I heard on the radio this morning was.  First off, I pretty much don’t listen to music on the radio, unless it is NPR music, or the local college jazz station.  I expect radio music to suck, but this morning during breakfast, while listening to talk radio there was a blerp of music and Dub started dancing so I switched the channel to music.  There isn’t much on first thing in the morning so I settled for the first thing I found that had a beat.  It was bad.  Luckily for you I cannot tell you what the song was, only that it was by Gwen stinking Stephani, and it was a poor excuse for music.  I was still reeling from the grossness of it when the radio folks mentioned that Gwen Stephani has partnered with O.P.I. to release a nail polish line.  Barf, but good for Gwen for being a billionaire, I would totally do it too.  But the name is what killed me.  OVER AND OVER AGWEN!  I am puking just a little in my mouth.  But looking back, it’s not that bad since Gwen Stephani didn’t write this next song…


By the way, I had to search long and hard to find a photo of Pink that was not a yuck.  Anyway, what in the hell is up with the lyrics to the song True Love?  I don’t even have to go back to read them.  I remember, unfortunately.  If you know me at all you can imagine the snide and superior way in which I am about to deliver this line…”YOU-PUSH-ALL-MY-BUTTONS-DOWN…”??????  DOWN??????????????????  I can’t say I’m surprised, I just…I…I’m speechless.

And lastly, the news that makes me feel good and weird at the same time.  Apparently I have finally arrived at “old.”  I know, who cares about these famous people, and believe me, as regards those two blonde ladies I never have, but what about the real music?  Not real like Kaki King, or Laura Veirs, or other truly good music that a lot of people don’t know about.  I mean truly good music that was totally popular not that long ago.  Main stream music.  People like…


Yeah, her.  So the other day the Mr. was at church talking to a young woman (like 20ish) and referencing Fiona Apple.  He plays drums for the service, and she plays piano and sings, “a little like Fiona Apple” he was saying.  She looked at him blankly and said “Yeah, I don’t know who that is.  Must be before my time.”



GAWD.  It has happened.

We are no longer THE generation.  They are.  It’s cool, I’m not upset about it, but like all young/overly-emotional/center-of-the-world/reckless/narcissistic young people I kind of thought this would never happen.

I bet Fiona did too.

Anyway, those were the revolting things.  How about something cool?

Weston is 14 months soon and we are still nursing strong.  Average is 5x a day.  He sleeps from 7:30pm to 7:30am with no crying and no waking and no nursing in between.  My life is amazing.  I am rested, fed (of course), and count myself lucky that my guy seems uninterested in weaning.  I’m totally down if he wants to quit, but since he doesn’t I am happy to let him carry on.


There was something else, I’m sure, but I can’t remember.  For now, I will just sit back and revel in my settled, locked down, ball and chain of motherhood and wifedom because I don’t have to give a rat’s booty about twerking or any such thing, ever, EVER AGWEN.

3 thoughts on “Gwen Stephani, Pink, And Other Revolting Things.

    • Ha, yeah it’s a strange feeling isn’t it? Makes me have a whole new respect for the adults who put up with my crap over the years. I thought I knew so much. And, yeah, revolting seems to be an appropriate word:)

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