Items I Adore.

It’s probably not a good thing to want stuff, however I have a major nesting thing happening right now.  No, we are not having another baby (yet), I am just hunkering down for winter.  Oddly, because of this myopic-ness I’m totally slacking in the cooking department.  We have a friend coming over on Saturday to teach me to can though, so hopefully my culinary passions will be re-ignited after this weekend.

For now, stuff.


I’m obsessed with this coat.  Can someone please tell me where to find it, or something similar?


I love all things pouf at the moment and have even started sewing some of my own.  This beauty is from Maven Collection.


If I wore rings, this would be on my finger.  I may start wearing jewelry again because of this Etsy gem.  Similar HERE.


Loving kilim.  Kilim anything.


Gypsia rugs and kantha throws are SO awesome.

And why don’t I just go all out and share some photos I’ve been saving in a dream or rather, “Someday” folder.  I didn’t save the source for each photo, but they can be found all over the internet on tumblr and pinterest.


I’m always for all white bedding, but this Belgian linen makes me covet.




Colorful and layered and perfect.


I have a feeling we have a view like this in the future.  It’s awesome and I will probably carry a gun with me at all times.  That’s just using brains.


I recently purchased a Pendleton blanket mostly because this picture made me.

dune sec

Couch is a store in Seattle.  They make stuff like this.  I want to crawl on that sofa and never leave.


This is the way Mr. H. likes his side of the bed to look.  It’s kind of crazy, but he’s smart so I deal.




Someday I will live in a house large enough to warrant a settee.  Also, I’m loving plaid fabrics lately.


This sink!


Barnyard wood flooring painted white is amazing since as you know, white is all things that are good.


And last but not least, I hope beyond hope that I am her someday.


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