Domestic Lovin’ And Meringue Recipe.

So I’m sort of a domestic goddess lately.  I suppose I’ve been more of one in the past, certainly in the kitchen.  Like when I used to make kefir (I finally killed my kefir grains after a few years of rocking them hardcore), or my own sourdough (but now I know wheat is satan), or a million other things.  I mean, I still love the kitchen, and I suppose most of that stuff has become second nature to me now, so the fact that I am so impressed with my domesticism stems from the challenges I am overcoming in the area of home decor.  I have always had good taste, as in, I know what I like.  Somehow though I’ve never really understood the rules around decorating.  I used to trust my gut, but in the last few years I’ve just given in to feeling helpless over not having tons of money to blow on the items I really love.  Lately two things have happened.  One, I’ve started to desire a space that makes me feel like myself.  Two, the husband has started giving me an allowance so I can make some independent choices.  Good man.  I’m was having such fun hoarding my savings that he had to sit me down and explain his intention for the money-gifts.  I was supposed to spend it.  Well, I have.  I spent a little and that opened the flood gates and I am now sitting in my very clean house awaiting multiple Fed-Ex deliveries.  I can hardly stand it I’m so excited.  All that said, I am going to get my house good and ready and then do a little house tour so I can share it here on the blog.   Until then, how about a couple of pictures of my obsession with anything rattan.



This item combines my current obsession with natural fibers and anything “pouf.”  I have a pouf problem probably.  I search for poufs a lot in cyber space.  I have yet to find the perfect one, but for now I am very pleased with this $20 Ikea pouf.



I have always wanted a peacock chair, and this one was a recent craigslist score.  I purchased it knowing I had no room for it in this house, but I had to have it so it is chilling by my bed in my room so I can stare at it as I fall asleep at night and imagine where it will go once we are in our forever-home.

I’m pretty darn lucky because the corner of my kitchen looks like this all summer with produce Mr. H. just picked from the garden.









That lovely produce becomes this.  Everything in this photo Mr. H. Grew.



Including these, the most delicious corn I have ever tasted in my life.



A typical summertime dinner here at our house.



I am loving organizing Dub’s nursery and turning it into a toddler room.  I have finally cleared the changing table (which was really an old vintage cart) of all the home birth stuff (I know, I’m behind) and replaced it with these baskets so I can stay organized.



Dub is now a year old so I ordered him the junior-sized Naturpedic pillow and pillow case.  It’s stupid how excited I’ve gotten to add a pillow and blanket to his crib.  I went all out and got this Pendleton crib blanket.



It’s amazing.  You can find it here on the Pendleton site.

Dub seems to sleep better having those items in his crib.  I would.  It is just so much more cozy now.



Now, to these awesome toys Dub got for his birthday.  THIS CART.  Oh holy heavens it is rad.  It serves several purposes, but mostly Dub just pushes it around (since he isn’t walking yet) and has this very proud look on his face.  Almost independent!  The blocks weigh it down, but in addition to them there is a little lever on the back where I can adjust the resistance of the wheels!  Because of that Dub doesn’t face plant, and this thing rolls right over all of my rugs.  If you are looking for a cart for your little one, this is the bomb.  It was a gift, but I know it came from Clover Toys in Seattle.  So fun.



I told you how I’ve been keeping most of the toys put away and just having a few out for Dub to play with at a time.  I would imagine it makes it much more enjoyable and less overwhelming.  Our dear friends the Swansons gave us this adorable train set.



Weston’s godfather gave him these awesome non-toxic building pieces.  They have a sweet smell and Dub saw me smelling them one day so now he always smells them while he is playing with them.  It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.



And just for laughs, I’ll accept a mess if it buys me a few minutes to finish dinner.  Dub loves grass-fed cream.  Like mother like son.

Now for the meringues.  I’ve said before to save your egg whites.  I use a yoke almost daily in my morning shake, and so I always have whites that need to be used up.  Sometimes I take too long to use them and they don’t work for meringues when they are old.  In fact, really, you should use egg whites in about 4 days of cracking an egg.  I don’t know for sure if the safe time is 4 days, but I know they don’t whip up into meringues properly beyond that time; probably indicative of something being wrong.


Regardless, meringues are super easy to make and they are a perfect little baby treat!  I love them and Dub loves them, so much in fact that it’s hard to keep them in stock around here.  I limit him of course since there is maple syrup in them, but they are a serious distraction for him if I’m needing a moment, or if I’m out and pushing his nap time.  I can hand him one and he will be occupied for a while.  They practically dissolve in the mouth so no danger of choking either!



Meringues (from Nourishing Traditions)

6 egg whites (or more, but if you use more than 9 I would adjust the other ingredients accordingly)

pinch sea salt (we use Real Salt)

1/4c grade b maple syrup

3 Tablespoons arrowroot powder (Bob’s Red Mill is what I use)

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

You can use your oven set at the lowest temperature, or a dehydrator at 150.  Make sure to line trays or baking sheet with parchment paper as these will absolutely stick.

I pre-measure my ingredients because with egg whites it is important to keep things moving.  If they sit the consistency changes.  You want them as fresh and fluffy as possible.  Using a hand mixer blend egg whites and salt until light and fluffy.  Add in arrowroot powder and mix until well combined.  Add in maple syrup and vanilla until incorporated and scoop large spoonfuls onto parchment paper (either on a baking sheet or on your dehydrator trays) and flatten into discs.  They will dry exactly as you leave them.  I use my dehydrator at 150 for 12-24 hours (depending on how thick I’ve left the meringue dollops).  Bake/dehydrate for 12-24 hours.  Remove and enjoy!


Apparently I’ve been spelling meringue incorrectly?  Merengue.  Meringue.  You get it.



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