It’s Baby Dub’s Numero Uno B-day Y’all. Photos Of the Last Couple Of Weeks.



First of all let me say happy happy year earth-side to my love my sweet sweet angel.  Weston you are the greatest gift, words simply cannot touch our love for you.  You amaze us beyond belief and I would happily lose every moment of my life before you were born.  I know your dad feels that way too.  You are the absolute best, and we love you to the ends of the earth.  Today you dined on all of your favorites, and ate more solids than you normally do.  Somehow you must instinctively know that today is the day you actually start needing them.  People have been asking me how long you will breastfeed?  I hope for quite a while longer.  You are changing so fast.



It was your birthday, so whereas some kids are given sugar, you were given a fresh roll of paper towels and all of your dreams came true.  Went. To. Town.








During one of your many costume changes you gave me an awesome photo-op with your new Montessori style shelving.



You received a really sweet gift from a very special California friend, that you spent quite a bit of time admiring.   The wrapping was of course just as fascinating.




For dinner we had spaghetti and although a 1-year-old wielding a fork probably looks terrifying to most, you have been working on your fork skillz lately, and mightily impress us.






It was a lovely day of giggles and tears.  One year ago at this very moment I was in a lot of discomfort on my bed in my room, 2 hours away from pushing you out.  2 hours away from meeting you.  2 hours away from never again containing my heart within my body.

In other news, this last weekend we took you to Seattle and it was a blast.  You were a dream.



We spent some quality time with our beautiful friend Jess, who we love.























And last but certainly not least, my sissy got married this last weekend.  It was a gorgeous, royal-feeling wedding.  I couldn’t be happier about her dude of choice, and she was an absolutely breathtaking bride.



Welp, that is the last two weeks; it’s been busy to say the least.  This weekend is Baby Dub’s b-day celebration.  Brews and an inflatable slip and slide are on the menu.  Yes please.


6 thoughts on “It’s Baby Dub’s Numero Uno B-day Y’all. Photos Of the Last Couple Of Weeks.

  1. What darling pics of the most precious son/grandson in the whole world. I’m so sorry I had to miss all the fun at the celebration. I’ll just call in sick next time😊!!!! Dub, you are the love of my life and I’ll love u to the end of the earth and back. You are the most precious gift God could have given me….Nana!❤❤😍

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