Garden Bounty!


The husband came home with quite the offering yesterday after harvesting up at Swanson Farm.  I can’t tell you how  amazing this produce tastes.  The cherry tomatoes are like candy, and I enjoyed the most delicious cucumber on the face of the planet yesterday.  What’s even cooler is that sometimes you can taste a little bit of dirt and it tastes rich and full of minerals.  I’m not joking.  When even certified organic is not trustworthy anymore because the FDA only requires that 30% of the feed be organic 30% of the time, or the largest organic dairy companies fight against the healthiest dairy products, or they freely use “organic” pesticides on the crops, or Whole Foods carries “organic” frozen produce imported from China with almost no regulatory process in place…I am grateful to know where our seeds came from, and whos hands worked the soil.









I sort of have a thing against text on baby clothing.  However in this family, this shirt had to happen.  “I eat my greens.”


Dub is walking a lot-with assistance-but he can’t get enough and he giggles the whole time.  Any day now.


Now I must learn how to can.  That is my project this week in preparation for the many tomatoes that are about to be ready.  That tomato Dub is eating?  So layered with depth and flavor, a conventionally grown tomato will never darken the doorway of this house again.

Purchase your produce locally, grow some of your food, keep chickens, and know your meat farmers.  It’s like walking instead of driving.  There is so much to notice and appreciate that would have been missed otherwise.

Next recipe hummus.  Then merengues because if you have leftover egg whites this is the best use for them.


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