Pictures From The Farm.





Swanson Farm.  I would love to live in a place just like it someday.  Our friends who live there have allowed us to plant our food there this year and we are so blessed by them.  Mr. H. is learning so much from Mr. S. and baby Dub and I love to sit in the grass and talk with Mrs. S. while time seems to stand still.  It’s a nice reprieve, our time up there each weekend, and although it’s short it is a reminder of what we are working towards in our own lives.


This little guy loves it up there.  He will just entertain himself in the grass until it’s time to eat or sleep again.


There is so much growing it’s been hard to keep up.  Yesterday there were issues with the watering system so Mr. S. was working on that for a while and it got me thinking about how fragile it all is.  In this heat it would only be another day until things really began to struggle.  Any more than that and I wonder if they could get it all to bounce back.  All was well and water worked again but it’s interesting how quickly things could deteriorate without getting some basic needs met.  Of course, this applies to us as well, and it makes me want to become less dependant on our current system.




And this little gal, always by my side.


We are waiting for the tomatoes.  There are a bunch up at the farm, and then we have some on the back deck here at home.  I’m not really a fan of tomatoes from the store.  Even our co-op with mainly local tomatoes just doesn’t impress me.  I only really use tomatoes in sauces.   Sad hu?  I have a feeling that will change with this year’s tomato harvest.



At home things are totally summer fun.  I love the happy plants around the house and I know it will be all too soon that the ground will be covered in snow for months on end, so I’m soaking this all up.


I’m not the only one.


This back deck is a barren wasteland of pine needles and empty space from about november to april which is hard to believe at this time of year.





My house, however clean, always looks a bit disheveled because of the baby we’ve decided to nickname “the hurricane.”  No explanation necessary I’m sure.  You can always tell exactly where he has been, and although this picture doesn’t look too bad, everything around where I was standing did.


Right now I’m kind of obsessed with this lamp.  The husband keeps making fun of me for “loving lamp” but I do!  I’m not ashamed.  I suppose this week my “fire item” would be this lamp.


Then there is this roguish fellow.  I don’t know what I was doing with my life until he showed up, but he has saved me from myself, and every day I get rewarded for his good work.

One day I was being particularly prickly and instead of punishing me he gave me a card (which I had framed) and inside he had written “I promise to let you win.”


“Marriage is a [an exhilarating and enlightening] dual to the death.” G.K. Chesterton

…and it is.


2 thoughts on “Pictures From The Farm.

    • Kelli! How exciting! Advice…on marriage or your vows? I’m guessing marriage:) Well, all I know is what I’ve experienced, obv., so I would just say make sure to marry someone who loves you despite and maybe even because of your flaws. I can’t tell you all the ways I have screwed up and am screwed up and my guy is just as solid as a rock. (I’m pretty awesome of course, so I see why he deals.) Marry someone who loves the sh** outta you. That’s my advice. So excited for you!

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