Lots Of Pictures. This Summer Is Insane. Food Food Food.


So much is happening this summer that I’m actually finding it hard to keep up with blogging.  There was one point where I felt like I actually had some time.  That was in between the baby’s no-napping phase and this insane summer of weddings and trips and more trips and maid-of-honor stuff.  Like how I just slipped that in there?  Yeah, I’m a maid of honor (FINALLY), no big deal.  Actually, it is super cool, but not a big deal in terms of my responsibilities.  I am throwing a bridal shower this weekend, but my mom is my co-pilot, and other than this little shindig I don’t have anything to do.  My sister is the lovely bride, and she and her guy have made every effort to ensure that family is free of responsibility.  It’s pretty cool actually.  They are even footing the whole bill.  They’re so grown up.  I don’t identify.

Speaking of my sis, I absolutely love her son and I feel like it was only yesterday I would go get him and take him around with me.   He was not yet talking and I couldn’t WAIT for the day I could hear what filled his little brain.


Time flies.  Dub loves his cousin, and he is addicted to his Umma.  Like, it’s cray how much he loves her.


Here is Weston’s favorite book at the moment.


His “indestructible” book section…


On our indestructible bookshelf.


I’ve been following some design blogs lately and Emily Henderson did this thing on instagram recently where she asked everyone to post a picture of the one piece of furniture they would save from a fire.  Here is mine…at the moment.



Here is the best dog in the world in case you thought you already knew one.


Loving Baby Dub’s new Freshly Picked Moccs.  So cute, solid, and awesome as they age.


I am loving the fresh fruits of summer and a really easy way to use them up is in fruit crisps!  Almost anything goes in a crisp (or crumble).  I make mine with whatever berries I have, plus peaches or apples, and my crumble is either oats or spelt flakes, palm sugar, almond flour, a little salt, cinnamon, and tons of butter.  It takes 10 minutes to assemble and get in the oven.





Weston’s favorite thing to do is help with laundry.  Sure, his helping is undoing absolutely everything I have just finished doing, but he loves it and honestly it’s so cute that I do too.


The husband always treats me right and the other night he showed up with a couple of large delicious beers to celebrate Friday.  Around here it really feels like a celebration most of the time.  Last night we were playing really cheesy baby worship music because Weston just learned to dance and i realized just how happy our house is.  Children are the most amazing gift.


Man I love these guys.


It is not lost on me that I promised a grain free bread recipe.  There are several I want to share actually.  I’ll link them here so you can check them out until I post them.  The thing is, we are totally in limbo with food.  Like I said before, I tend to want to stick with Sally Fallon on most things so we are doing that for now.  Still gluten and grain free, refined sugar free, only raw dairy, and grass-fed meats.  We are considering using Spelt and Farro as grains though.  I’ll keep you posted.

Farmhouse Seed Bread

Granny’s Gluten Free Oven Baked Bread  (I purchased a GF all-purpose flour from Costco last weekend and although that is not really my style, it made a great bread using the Namaste recipe.)


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