Baby Bjorn High Chair Review. Can I Marry A Company? And Baby Still Sucks At Napping.


Insert overwhelming heavenly choir music here.

Baby Bjorn.  This company is the BEST.  Hands down the best, I will win every argument on this so just give in and go buy their stuff.  I know they are popular right now, but in my opinion, not popular enough.  Oh you have a high chair you think is the best?  Leave me a comment about it, I promise to be the judge of that.  I will give you a fair shake and research it, but for now Baby Bjorn has my heart.

This company decided to take all the complaints about all the top high chair brands and address them by creating this sexy little number.  This ergonomically correct high chair has all rounded edges, super simple assembly, and safety in addition to its looks.  There will be no food stuck in crevices, no banging your head against the wall trying to put it together, and no baby wiggling out and deciding to dive bomb off the tray.


Oh yes, the tray.  It doesn’t come off, it just tilts down.  I like this for a few reasons, but mostly because when it is stored it is quite thin and can fit in my pantry.

Thin like so.


In my pantry like so.


Completely out of mind until next use.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I do not always put it away just like I don’t always store all the baby toys in the two boxes designated for baby items, as Mr. H. so generously pointed out last evening.)

The white part of the tray pops off easily and can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand, and even beets don’t leave it stained.  Also, when you finish cleaning it and pop it back on, (you can do that with one hand) the pop is so so quiet even the napping baby doesn’t notice.  (I do a lot of tiptoeing around and so my love of Baby Bjorn grows every single time I close my high chair’s legs or put its tray on.  It’s like they thought of EVERYTHING.)


Other than the fact that it is great looking, your baby can sit in it from the time they are just barely sitting up because you can scoot that tray in super tight and they can kind of lean on it.  Also, it will fit your child up until about 3 years or so.


There is a three-point harness.  I suppose some moms would want the five point, but the tray serves the purpose of the over-the-shoulder portion.


As you can see, it is not as tall as a normal high chair.  We like that.  It allows your baby to sit at your level and feel involved with family meals which was really important to us.  Part of the reason we did the whole Baby Led Weaning thing was so Weston would feel like part of what was going on.  As far as learning social skills that just makes sense to me.

Oh, and although I did not choose the Bjorn High chair because it matched our dining room chairs, IT MATCHES OUR DINING ROOM CHAIRS.


What else can I tell you?  My baby is super comfortable in it (read: it’s the only place I put him down that he doesn’t immediately start whining that I just put him down), it is safe, sleek, easy to clean, easy to store, and oh so quiet.

For a lot of people the price might be an issue.  I get that.  It was an issue for us, but being the woman that I am (and by that I mean that I’m a woman) I manipulated things here and there, traded in some birthday gift cards, etc., and made it happen.  My husband is a patient man.

It is anywhere from $200-300 depending on where you purchase.  I got it HERE.


I know I might come off as a little opinionated, but when it comes to this high chair I am correct.  If you are in the market, look no further.  I want a Ray Ban sponsorship, and a Baby Bjorn sponsorship because I BELIEVE.

Now, does anyone else’s baby have a hard time napping?  Dub is completely unpredictable when it comes to naps.  I tried for a 9am and a 1pm just wishing and praying for an hour or even two that he could just let go and sleep but it is completely hit and miss.  Night sleep is great.  Two nursing sessions; one at 11pm and one at 3am.  Down at 7:30pm up anywhere from 7-7:30am.  I have read that if night sleep is all good then I should just accept whatever naps I get.  I don’t like that because it doesn’t make it easy for others to watch him.  No one watches him, I’m just hypothesizing.  Sometimes he naps for 30 minutes, sometimes for 2 hours (rarely).  Sometimes it’s 9am and 1pm, sometimes it’s every other hour.  How in the world do you get your baby to take awesome naps?

I’m still super grateful to have nighttime sleep down, however.  Happy baby-stuff shopping!


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