Workout Routine. Healthy Breakfast. Baby Vacuum Obsession.


First, breakfast.  Or should I eat breakfast first?  Normally I do, but in pondering a workout schedule it seems to me that my day would get off to the best start if I went for a nice jog and then thought about breakfast.  I have this mommy play group on Fridays.  Well, actually it’s our cousin and her two babies and Dub and I.  We sit in the sun and talk about healthy food and homemaking and we drink beer.  Yeah, it’s actually funny because since I have replaced my nightly beer with water kefir, Friday is pretty much the only day I drink, and so it’s about 1/2 a beer and I’m having a GOOD time.  Super cheap date.  Anyway, it is Lashawna that convinced me to run.  Well, I wouldn’t call what I do running exactly.  I jog.  I only started last night but this is the thing; I know it’s for me.

Throughout my pregnancy I did yoga every morning.  I know it kept my old body (yes, 32.5 is old, it’s older than I have ever been) from breaking when the day came to push my baby out.  I lived in Seattle for years and I always had an exercise routine.  I walked miles every day and many times I also did pilates and rode my bike.  I thrive when I have a real exercise schedule and somehow I’ve gotten away from that.

So, here is my goal.  I want to run a little every day until I can easily have a 5 mile morning run and do that 5 days a week.  I think 5 days a week is good because it will go well with Mr. H’s work schedule and get my day started right.


Following my morning exercise awesomeness I will make a healthy breakfast for Baby Dub and I (note: I will have already fed the husband and sent him out the door with his lunch, as I do).  The Nut Bread from My New Roots, a fresh egg from our chickens, and some kind of vegetable will be a perfect after-run brekky.  Weston eats the yoke with his hands, and the vegetables, and I sort of Africa-mother-out and pre-chew the nut bread and then give it to him.  I do that with roasted pumpkin seeds too.  I know some people might think that is strange, but when you think about it it’s actually safer for him and also, mixing my saliva with it helps his body to more easily assimilate the nutrients.

Next, is anybody else’s baby obsessed with the vacuum?  I mean OBSESSED.  He says good morning to it first thing, and goodnight last; speaks to it, shares food with it, crawls at insane speeds to it, follows it around as it cleans and screams with it.  So, like any good mother, when I need to get something done I just lay the vacuum on the floor and allow baby Dub to be transfixed by its suckticulous powers.


Next, more pie.  I KNOW!  I’m out of control.  After that though, I promise you something savory.  Why not a burger?  Brace yourself.

Happy June and happy exercising!  Happy eating too.


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