Homemade Yogurt.


Yogurt is my child’s favorite food on the planet.  Well, aside from boob juice.  (Also, WTH is the deal with the 8 month old itch?  Weston does somersaults while BFing and my nipples are pissed.)  Anyway, homemade yogurt might be the easiest thing I have ever made.  You should make it too.  Why is it I always push this stuff on you?  Because it’s empowering.  Oh, you kill bad guys for a living?  Well, maybe you are on the wrong blog buddy.  I only have crazy fantasies about doing that.  This blog is about what my life has become.  Not what it could have been.


This week raw milk was on sale for $2 because it was at its sell-by date.  Perfect for making yogurt!  I use raw milk because it contains wonderful bacteria and in this family we want that.  If you are using raw milk you can do as I do and only heat your milk to 110 degrees.  If you are using regular organic milk I would absolutely heat it to 180 degrees or the bad bacteria that could be present will interfere with the yogurt culture.  I haven’t pummeled you with my diatribe on the importance of feeding cows grass in this post because my hope is that you already know.  If not: Cows are meant to eat grass.  Feeling cows grains is BAD.  NOT NATURAL=bad for you.  Even plain organic milk still has all the bad dead bacteria in it and without the vitamin K2 your body cannot assimilate the calcium, therefore deposits it into the wrong areas of your body.  Bad things happen then.  So, worst case, just organic; ideally, grass-fed.


With Mr. H. getting diagnosed with Crohn’s two weeks ago, we embarked upon a whole new way of eating.  We aren’t sure where this journey will take us yet but until we get there we are reading tons of books to try to figure out what to eat.  For now we are abstaining from all grains, any sugar except honey, dates, and some grade b maple syrup, and dairy EXCEPT for yogurt I make myself, which has all the lactase removed through the process, and maybe goats milk cheeses.


Now I’m very fortunate to have a dehydrator but I know you can make yogurt in your crockpot and also in your oven set to the lowest setting.  I just use little mason jars, put their lids on, and set them in my dehydrator at 105 for 24 hours.

Homemade Yogurt

2 quarts REAL milk (Please don’t just use crap milk.  Those cows are crying all day every day in their rbst, poop to their knees, hormone-laden, milk-for-days hell-hole.)

1/2c REAL yogurt (This yogurt must contain live active cultures.  I use the organic plain yogurt from Trader Joes.)

Heat milk to 180 degrees over medium heat.  Stir pretty regularly to ensure the bottom doesn’t burn.  (If using raw milk you could heat to only 110 degrees.  Do what you are comfortable with.)  Once the milk reaches 180 degrees, set aside and cover with a towel until it cools to 110 degrees.  Once it reaches 110 degrees take 1/2 cup of the milk and mix with 1/2 cup of the yogurt and then add to the pot and stir until incorporated.  Pour mixture into your jars, put lids on, and place in dehydrator at 105 degrees for about 24 hours.

After 24 hours remove yogurt and place in fridge until thoroughly cooled.  Top with fruit or oats or real maple syrup or be like Baby Dub and eat it straight.  I topped some with a simple strawberry mix that I made in 2 minutes by placing thawed frozen strawberries in my food processor with a little grade b maple syrup.  So good.


So yeah, yogurt is delish and if you make it yourself you can flavor it however you choose.  Of course most of the time you can get these foods at the store, but most of the time it’s cheaper to make it yourself.  And unless you are in covert ops,  it’s positively thrilling to do so.

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