Almond Milk Recipe. A Surprise Visit To The Hospital.


Because of Mr. H. and the Crohn’s disease we are no longer drinking raw milk.  If you know me at all you know that this fact should have me nearly debilitated with grief.  I heart raw milk so bad I could marry it.  Oddly, I’m not really fazed.  How could this be you ask?  Almond milk.  Homemade almond milk.  It is so WHITE!  Store bought almond milk isn’t white.  Well, I did take off every single skin of the almonds so maybe that’s why it’s so white.  Anyway, I like it’s whiteness, but mostly I like it’s taste.  Truly delightful.


Before I get to the recipe, which is simple by the way, there is news.  Mr. H. has been pretty uncomfortable for the last year with Crohn’s, although until 2 weeks ago we didn’t know what was causing the discomfort.  Well, since his diagnosis he has been having some severe pain in his side area.  He talked about it and asked me to pray for him, but he was still going to work every single day like a champion and helping me with the baby when he got home.  Well the other night he could no longer move and because of a fever and body aches he went in to the ER.  I stayed home with Dub who was in bed and what we thought would just be a prescription for antibiotics (yuck) became emergency surgery to remove his appendix!  The doctor was unsure until he cut him open if he would be taking out only the appendix, or part of the colon as well.  !@##$%^&*?!


10pm Mr. H. went to the ER.  3am Mr. H. went into surgery.  He will be recovering for weeks and when he is fully recovered from the surgery we will resume taking on this issue of Crohn’s.  What is amazing is that through all of this he remains in good spirits.  He is so strong, and I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have such an amazing man for a best-friend and husband.


I am honored to learn all of these wonderful new ways to feed our family and grateful that in the face of challenges we can become even better and healthier than we were before.


For this recipe you will need:

-high-speed blender

-nut milk bag

-pitcher or jar with lid


Almond Milk

2c almonds (soaked overnight to release their enzyme inhibitors-rinse after soaking)

6 cups water


place almonds and water in a vitamix or any high-speed blender and blend about 45 seconds or until smooth.  Place nut milk bag into a jar or pitcher and pour liquid in.  You may need to stop halfway to squeeze the milk out of the bag.  After you have gotten all the milk out of the pulp you may save the pulp for another recipe or feed to your dogs or chickens!



Dub likes it.  A lot.


A lot a lot.



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