Cloth Diapering Part 2 of 3: Which Diapers?


Things have changed a whole lot since your mama was in nappies.  It really is quite something that the modern diaper has the versatility it does in options for amount of absorbency, trimness, style, shape etc.  Many diapers even offer that stay-dry effect that disposables are known for.  Gone are the days of having to hang your diapers out to dry in the sun, and you no longer need to be an origami genius to contain messes.  A lot of mamas still hang their diapers out since the sun happens to be the best stain fighter around.  So much for modern technology trumping nature.

I did so much research on cloth diapers during my pregnancy that it was essentially a part-time job.  Like, about 20 hours a week of reading and searching for deals.  The reason I did so much is because for a cloth diaper novice, the amount of information out there is nothing short of overwhelming!  There is an entire language for cloth diapering.  For example, a “system” is what type of cloth you are choosing to use at a given time.  Mostly people choose several of each system until they find what works for them.  A “stash” or “lot” is everything required to cloth diaper; the diapers, the wetbags, the wipes etc.

Rather than tell you the language and send you out into the interweb-jungle, I am going to tell you what works best for us.  I happen to believe that I chose the best diapers out there, and I also think my stash is an affordable way to be sure you don’t run out of diapers if you are super busy and go an extra day without doing the wash.

Weston is 8 months old and I’ve taken pictures of the pocket diapers on the setting I’m currently using for him.  As you can see he has room to grow.  The Kawaii diapers still have the most room so far.  Each diaper fits differently, and each baby is different so it really is great if you can try different kinds.


Bumgenius 4.0 (pocket diaper*)

These diapers are incredible.  It is one-size so will fit most babies from about 10lbs to 35lbs.  (I waited to start cloth until Weston gained a few pounds and got all that meconium out of his system.)  The layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) is in between two layers of fabric and never touches your baby’s skin.  The inner layer is micro-suede and keeps your baby feeling dry.  The diaper comes with two inserts, both microfiber.  Microfiber isn’t a natural material and at first that bothered me, but it is never (and should never be) up against your baby’s skin so the fact that it is super absorbent is all that matters here.  I also read that people have issues with needing to strip the inserts because after a while they smell of urine.  I’ve not had to do this once yet.

I own 12 of these diapers and if I had known what I know now about how perfectly they fit my guy and how unbelievably well they are made I would have my entire lot be Bumgenius 4.0.

*Pocket diapers are probably the most versatile kind of cloth diaper because they can be stuffed with whatever material and level of absorbency you wish.


The inside lining doesn’t pill up and look gross either, which is an added bonus.




Rumparoos (One-size pocket diaper-normally $25, on sale Here for $19.95)

These pocket diapers come with two microfiber inserts just like the Bumgenius.  I bought two of these when I went through that phase where I wanted Dub’s bottom decorated.  Most moms really like the patterns, and I did too for a second, but I’m so happy with the Bumgenius that I reach for those first every time.  The Rumparoos are incredibly well made, soft, and cute, but they are a little short in the rise for Weston, who is long and lean.  They have inner-leg gussets to contain crazy messes and overall they are a really nice diaper.  They are spendy, but well made.

I own 2 of the Rumparoos.




Next we have the really affordable ones.


Kawaii (Pocket diaper-$9.95)

This diaper comes with two identical microfiber inserts.  Just one is pictured below.  I wanted to try these to see if I should regret paying more for diapers that did the same thing.  I like this diaper, but it doesn’t rival Bumgenius.  It’s soft and so far it’s been quite durable, but if it got more use I’m not positive it would hold up.  It’s not as well made and doesn’t feel as solid as the other two, but it is a great diaper for the price!  I did read that people have had issues with the buttons popping off but I haven’t.

I only own one of the Kawaii diapers.




Now, let’s get old school.


Prefold Diapers from Green Mountain Diapers-the absolute best prefolds on the market starting at $24 dozen)

If you are going to go the affordable route Green Mountain Diapers is the way to go.  They say it’s good to have 24 to 36 diapers in your stash depending on how often you do diaper laundry.  Buying a dozen of these prefolds plus a couple of diaper covers is a really great way to ensure you don’t run out of diapers.  I only ever do one fold when using these, and it’s super simple.  No origami here.  I also purchased fleece liners for when I use these so Dub can still feel dry.  Pictured is a snappie, the modern diaper pin.

I own 12 newborn prefolds and 12 size medium prefolds.


Here is one of the wipes I use (I cut up receiving blankets and didn’t serge the edges and they barely frayed) and a fleece liner, of which I have 5.


As far as covers go I purchased 3 flip covers (by bumgenius) and they work great!  No I am not sponsored by Bumgenius, but I’m seriously impressed by their products.  I also got two Disana Wool Pull-On covers because when it comes to absorbency, wool is king.

Then I bought two Stay-Dry Hemp Doublers which I can use against Weston’s skin to keep him feeling dry when I use the prefolds at night, and the hemp really adds a ton of absorbency.  I have only two snappis and haven’t lost one yet.  I have two Wetbags, one garbage pail, and a bunch of receiving blankets that I cut up into wipes and that I keep in a homemade solution (I’ll post that recipe in part 3).  I have a drying rack from Wal-Mart (I know…I die a little when I walk through those doors), and a bumgenius diaper sprayer as well.

My entire stash cost less than $500.  That is amazing.  It’s just second nature every couple of days to do a load of diaper laundry.  In Cloth diapers part 3 I will share with you exactly how I care for my diapers to keep them lasting for future babies.

One more diaper post coming up.  I know you’re excited.


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