Baby-Proofing. These Boots Were Made For…Crawling-ish.


I’m not really the tidiest person.  I don’t hang onto stuff that I don’t use regularly and I credit my mom for my ability to let things go.  She almost never does, so I suppose in a way I feel covered in case I need something.  No joke, my mom has been known to recover things from my outside trash can and hang onto them for years.  How do I know?  Eons after tossing something I will bemoan the loss only to have her descend into her cavernous basement or garage and reappear with said item and a facial expression of righteous indignation.

I’m proud of my ability to let things go, but unfortunately, that talent doesn’t leave my house free of dangers to my newly mobile child.  I vacuum and sweep every day, and I’m constantly with Dub, but as I sit here and look around, my mommy eyes are like lasers darting around the room and I know I’m missing something.  There are electrical cords about, a piece of dog food, a tiny chipped off part of our concrete kitchen floor…but what am I NOT seeing?!

I’ve started to read baby-proofing lists and so far this is what I have:

-outlet covers

-secured bookshelves/large items of furniture

-bumpers on sharp edges (or just get a new coffee table since ours was literally made from the iron mold used to pour sidewalks)

-toilet seat lock

-cupboard locks

-frequent floor cleaning

What am I missing?  I haven’t ever wanted a house with perfectly finished hardwoods and molding before because I don’t mind my home being in a constant state of re-model.  Now, I kind of want perfection.  I don’t want to be crazy about the whole thing, and I certainly don’t think it’s too early to teach no, but I’m still nervous.  I think kids are incredibly resilient though, as evidenced by my girlfriend’s recent instagram pic; her 7 month old baby Huck’s dirty diaper that has a tiny Lego in it.  Nice.



As this dude slides and scurries around looking for danger-danger I find that I need to be always one step ahead.  I knew being a parent was a huge responsibility but it seems with every new milestone, that responsibility grows.  Kinda cool how I’ve been able to write this post while Dub is awake, and NOT crying for my attention though.  He is otherwise occupied pulling books down from the bottom shelf and leafing through them.  Next, I must get rid of my concrete block/plank bookshelf and get one that can be secured to the wall.

Next up, a post near and dear to my heart, and a subject that took MONTHS of research to understand.



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