Cacao Breakfast Milkshake.


A random series of events have left me aware of my impetuousness today.  Upon rising I went to the kitchen to check on the chicken stock I’ve had simmering for almost 24 hours.  Because I don’t have a proper stockpot, and the pot I use doesn’t have a lid, I just cover it with a plate.  This is a problem for several reasons that I was already aware of, but this morning I found another!  When you don’t have oven mitts (and you bake and cook as much as I do!!) you use a towel and sometimes a towel just isn’t enough.  Generally you discover it isn’t enough half-way to your destination.  Well, that happened with the plate and at the exact same time I felt the heat through the towel, the steam from the pot hit my thumb and oh boy…steam burn central.  In addition to that lovely wake up, I was making Mr. H’s lunch and found a beautiful sweet green pepper he must have bought at the co-op when I wasn’t looking.  I sliced into it and layered his sandwiches with it, and then took a very large piece and popped it in my mouth.  It wasn’t a sweet pepper people.  I nearly hit the floor.

My mouth has fully recovered, but as I sit here I’m obnoxiously aware of intense burning on my right thumb and in my left nostril.  I guess I was so excited to bite into that pepper that it squirted up my nose when I did. The moral of the story?  I deserve a milkshake.  For breakfast.  Not to reward me for my impetuousness, but to celebrate the re-introduction of REAL FOOD and to give the middle finger to hot pots and peppers.


You should make this for your breakfast.  Don’t even start thinking that your toast and jam with a battery egg is healthier than this.  The ONLY way your breakfast is healthier is if you are eating sautéed organic onions peppers and kale, laying a pastured egg on top, and enjoying that with chia seed kombucha.

My dear friend Kelli introduced me to some awesome blogs the last few weeks and this shake is from My New Roots.  Sarah’s blog is incredible and truly inspiring!  I only changed some things because I could, and because I’m a raw milk addict (going to a farm to get milk today)!

There are so many incredible health benefits from indulging in cacao.  Please go get cacao and try this shake the right way!  Cocoa is somewhat similar in taste (although not as intense) but it lacks all of the wonderful superfood qualities.


Cacao Breakfast Milkshake:

-1/4c sunflower seeds (or you could use any seed or nut properly prepared)

-1/4c oats

-2 Tbsp. raw cacao powder

-1 avocado

-2 frozen bananas

-3 pitted dates

-dash mineral sea salt

-3/4c raw milk

-1/4c filtered water (or to desired consistency)

*Sarah’s recipe calls for a few ice cubes, but I don’t have ice cubes in my house; I really should get some trays, but never think of it and don’t generally drink cold beverages other than beer!

Blend ingredients in a blender, or if you are a very lucky individual, a vitamix.

I ate mine with a spoon and didn’t feel burning anywhere on my body for the entire time I enjoyed my breakfast.

Happy day!

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