Almond Flour Bread/Buns. New Thoughts On Food.


First off, let me say that I am constantly learning and growing when it comes to my understanding of food and nutrition.  I want it to always be that way.  Food is exciting and delicious and I’m blessed to have a family to cook for!  Ever since writing off the packaged-death-food industry it’s amazing that every new level I reach takes me closer to simplicity.  I just keep getting closer to food the way God intended for us to have it.  (Why we ever thought we could improve upon such incredible design I have no idea.)  This last two weeks has taught me a lot; some of it I’m going to take with me into the future.

I spent a lot of time on Maria’s blog and she makes a really good case for the whole glycemic index thing.  I thought, based on her explanation of what happens to our bodies when we eat certain foods, that I really should just eliminate those foods altogether.  I really got pretty geeked on it.  I bought a 25lb box of blanched almond flour for $130 (wowza).  I also bought xylotol and erythritol and stevia glycerite and I began to make desserts.  I did enough research on these plant derived sweeteners to be satisfied that I wasn’t just replacing one problem with another, and for two weeks I made it work.  I have no problem abstaining from certain foods if I know that doing so is in my best interest.  The problem I do have is that unlike any other move we have made toward a simpler, healthier lifestyle, this one wasn’t simpler.  It was complicated, and since when is something that has to be made my man and sold in a bag better than something God created?  Like, never.

This is what we did for two weeks:

No grains at all, no sugars (not even naturally occuring sugars so no fruit), no beans, no rice, no potatoes, no lentils, no bananas (crying), no caffiene, no alcohol, and I’m sure there were other nos in there.  IF I were a diabetic, it would be absolutely great with me if I needed to restrict my diet in this way, but I am not, so unfortunately it didn’t feel natural.  I have learned some very important things during this trial period and I’m cutting it off at two weeks (rather than three months) with a new approach!

What I have learned/The change I’m making:

I was living in a NO world/I will live in a YES world now and enjoy the bounty that has been given.

I have completely relied on wheat as my grain of choice/We will only use ancient and alternative grains in this home so as to avoid the over-consumption of the very hybridized wheat (ie; amaranth, quinoa, farro, spelt, kamut…see BOUNTY!)

I was in a rut of using coconut sugar daily because even though it’s unrefined, it’s still my major weakness, and I needed to be snapped out of it/I will use raw local honey, grade b maple syrup, and dates to sweeten things in this home.

I also relied heavily on rice and potatoes in our meals/I will allow our meals to be more vegetable heavy, of course Grass-fed beef is often on the menu as well.

As far as those alternative sugars go they just weren’t for me.  They tasted funny and I couldn’t get used to it.  I think if I needed to I would, well, I know I would because I like my sweets.  Living like a diabetic for a couple of weeks brought into my mind the fact that people do live that way and so I can be sensitive to that in certain recipes.  I have also learned how to bake with almond flour which is amazing and I never would have done it otherwise!

In honor of all I have learned recently I want to share with you a totally awesome recipe for light and delicious buns made from Almond flour!


(This recipe is straight-up from Maria’s blog, I just doubled the recipe and adjusted the amount of psyllium husk used.  I double it because I freeze half for Mr. H’s next week of work for easy sandwiches.)

Almond Flour Buns (note: She says this can be made into one big loaf, but I didn’t have luck with that, I’ve had excellent results with the buns however)

-2.5c blanched almond flour *

-7TBS psyllium husk powder (I get mind at Super Supplements, but Amazon has it too)

-4tsp aluminum free baking powder

-2tsp mineral sea salt

-6 egg whites (don’t toss those yolks!  Make THIS custard-you can always use a natural sugar of your choice in place of the kind she uses)

-2c boiling water

*(blanched is important because the skins are removed so there is no need to worry about neutralizing enzyme inhibitors-if you are curious about that google soaking grains, nuts, and seeds for more info)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix the almond flour, psyllium husk powder, baking powder and sea salt until combined.  Add egg whites and mix until it has a rough mealy texture.


Add the boiling water and stir with a wooden spoon until it begins to resemble dough.  It takes a minute, and at first it is really watery but it comes together, just give it a second.

This is what the dough looks like turned out onto the pan.  You can bake it like this or break it into buns…I would do the buns.  Below is just a photo of how the dough looks before you bake it.  It puffs up quite a lot, so you are safe to make flat discs of about 3/4 to 1 inch in thickness.  Trust me, they will get big.


Bake for 50 minutes and BAM.  No-wheat or gluten or sugar or anything questionable and you have yourself a delicious bun for sandwiches, or sliced in half and toasted with a fresh egg on top!


I think it’s really important to be mindful of all the different ways people choose to eat for their health, and I hope to always push myself to learn so I can stay excited about food!  Food truly is our medicine.


3 thoughts on “Almond Flour Bread/Buns. New Thoughts On Food.

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  2. The first time I baked these, I used psyllium husk and they weren’t as thick as your batter so I added extra tapioca flour , baking powder and almond to thicken it up like your picture shown. I baked them at 350 on my oven’s middle rack and they rose only slightly. Now I have ground my psyllium husk in the coffee grinder wondering if this will work and I will get incredible rise this time. Any suggestions???
    Thank you! I really want my buns to rise like yours!

    • Deb, hi! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. You know what? It has been so long since I made these that I can’t trouble-shoot with you from memory, darnit. I would need to go get some almond flour and bake with it to get back in the groove. I made these buns a ton during the phase where we were replacing wheat with almond flour-I would have had some thoughts for you THEN. Now, I don’t even bake much anymore. My life has changed a ton since our house burned down and we added the second baby. Here is what I do know. If you aren’t at a super high altitude, and you follow my recipe to the T, then I am blank as to what the problem could be. You are using blanched almond flour, not almond MEAL, right? Almond meal (like from Bob’s Red Mill) isn’t almond flour, and just wouldn’t result in the same rise. I used psyllium husk powder from Super Supplements. It was really fine. I hope it’s something simple like the almond meal vs flour thing, but if not, forgive me for my distance from all things kitchen-related. Life is crazy. Have you checked out Gluten Free Girl and the Chef? She is super fun. Google her.
      Take care,

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