New Sleep Amazingness. Baby Breakfast For The Sleep Champion.



Prepare yourself, this post is mostly pictures of Dub eating breakfast this morning.  Why?  Because I am in love with my baby.  Why?  Other than the fact that he is my baby, he slept from 8:30pm last night UNTIL 7am this morning.  I almost feel badly posting this.  If I came across this post two months ago I would want to die just a little with jealously.  What has changed?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  I’m sorry.  I will tell you one thing that might help you if you are struggling with baby sleep issues though.  Once your child does something wonderful like sleep for a longer stretch at night, just make it keep happening.  How?  Well, when Dub first slept from 7pm-12am I knew he could do it.  So when he cried at 9pm and 11pm (ps I had already tried going in there on other nights and he just latched on and fell asleep on the boob so I knew he wasn’t truly hungry) I just let him.  It never lasted long, and soon we were in a routine of nursing once or twice a night.  Now that he has slept through the night like MAJOR I’m going to get him good and full all day on breast milk, and then give him a hearty dinner, and then bam, new routine and NEW MOMMY.



So, in celebration of such an amazing night of sleep, and since Dub is almost 8 months old, we have jumped in to the deep end of baby led weaning again.  This morning’s celebratory breakfast included:

48-hour tenderized grass-fed T-bone steak (*see below)

Sticks of skinless cucumber

This bread from Maria’s blog in bun form, toasted, with grass-fed butter and Henrietta’s egg yolk brushed on top

Coconut cream

*I have noticed that Weston does some major milestones directly following times I have let him suck the juices out of steak.  In Mexico he did that a lot, and when we returned he was babbling like CRAZY for the first time.  We recently picked up 1/4 grass-fed beef to fill the freezer until fall and so beef has been on the menu again and guess what Dub started doing a few days ago?  His version of crawling (video will be up soon).  I’ve heard other such stories from friends regarding meat and baby development.  Just sayin’.



Why the coconut cream you ask?  Coconut is basically THE superfood of the world, and I don’t say that just because I could die happy if all I ever had to drink again was fresh coconut water.  It really does contain such amazing things that if you don’t currently use coconut oil in your cooking, you should go to the store right now and remedy that.  Coconut oil is safe for cooking at high temperatures, unlike other oils that are unstable (olive) and turn rancid.  Coconuts are high in fat, mainly saturated fat, but contain no trans fats or cholesterol.  They have protein, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, iron, and potassium.  If you don’t enjoy coconut (and I have met quite a few who don’t) there are ways to sneak coconut into your food without tasting it.  Small amounts of coconut flour mixed in with almond flour for baking, or even roasting your vegetables in grass-fed butter with coconut oil mixed in there could do the trick.  It is actually worth tricking yourself.

Also, important to mention, the only thing that can get baby Dub to “crawl” is the iphone.  No toy, no mommy, no daddy, no Thor even.  Just my phone.  It’s telling, yes.  It’s funny and not funny, and even though I judge myself for his interest in my phone, I judge myself more for using it as bait now daily.



I have so many posts to do coming up.  I once posed the question, “What company could create a product warranting such praise?” regarding a baby item I want to review.  Well that review is coming up.  Also, Raw cacao pudding.  Hot damn.  Is Damn cuss?  I think the jury is still out on that one.  It’s in the bible isn’t it?



3 thoughts on “New Sleep Amazingness. Baby Breakfast For The Sleep Champion.

  1. Awesome sleep!! You know, I have YET to try using coconut oil and/or other coconut products in my cooking! I love coconut (I make cakes, etc with the shaved stuff) so I have no idea why I haven’t used it in cooking! 😛

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