The Best Invention Ever Invented.



Because I hadn’t seen a paci clip that fit the soothie (the only pacifier baby Dub will take) I just assumed there wasn’t one.  About a week or two ago Dub started throwing his pacifiers out of the crib only to be followed by a serious cry session in the middle of the night until we got one back to him.  He couldn’t see us give it back however, or there would be MAJOR bloody war screams so just imagine the middle of the night pitch-black acrobatics happening around here.  Not cool.

So, I decided to spend a little extra time in the hell hole that is Babies R Us and FIND one that fit.  (I actually made that decision after getting to the register with five packages of soothies, looking down and thinking “this is INSANE!”  If they can make fake grass to dry your bottles on, and even fake flowers with which to decorate the grass, somebody must know to make money off the soothie.  I immediately returned to the paci section where I had just cut another woman off by saying “Sorry, I like to spend as little time in here as possible.”  She was still there when I returned, and bless her heart, aided me in my search.

I’ll keep this short since the star of this show is the BOOGINHEAD.  Thank you wonderful person for making my dreams come true.

IMG_9501The pacifier within finding proximity.

IMG_9503Multi-tasking baby keeping tabs on his current obsession (Thor) whilst finding his paci.

IMG_9504Still keeping tabs, moving closer to pacified.

IMG_9507Workin’ it out.

IMG_9509Boom.  My life is amazing.

Gotta go put this baby down for a 30 minute nap, since that’s all he will take during the day these days.  I’m learning that there is probably always going to be something, and I’m okay with that, cause DAMN I love my baby.


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