Sleep Baby CENTRAL. OMG It Is Happening.


I don’t say OMG.  I don’t.  Or LOL.  I won’t say LOL; can’t ever figure out if someone is sending me lots of love or laughing.  Whatever.  I will say OMG right now because I CANNOT BELIEVE I FEEL LIKE A HUMAN BEING AGAIN.  My baby is sleeping.  It’s amazeballs.  That’s a word.  I am well rested, my dual eye twitch is finally going away, and I am inspired in the kitchen again.  Thank you Jesus.

How did this happen you ask?  Well, we left it in a positive place.  Dub was learning to sleep in his own crib and that was great.  What I didn’t do was inform you of every hiccup we encountered so as not to use this blog as a place to bee-atch about my life.  Things were rough there for a while.  Actually, Dub is still fighting sleep right when he goes down at night.  He cries, sometimes massively, but I’ve learned that he kinda needs it.  He isn’t crawling yet and he has tons of energy he just isn’t able to get out during the day.  The crying hurts me, but I know he needs it by the way he has been sleeping lately.  Also, I know he is dry, fed, and warm but not too warm so with that I just have to let go a little.  Also, important to mention here that Mr. H. and I agree fully that about the time we started moving him to his own crib and letting him cry a bit was the time he really seemed to be developing the need for longer stretches of sleep. In other words, we had to just wait for this to happen, we weren’t doing this at 3 months and expecting results.  The brains of some babies before a certain age just aren’t ready for long stretches of uninterrupted sleep.  Generally until about 5-7 months they need to wake and eat more often.  Of course, we also co-slept until recently.

Two months ago, when we returned from Mexico, Dub was waking at least every two hours to eat, or just fall asleep on the boob; he was sleeping with me (Mr. H. and I were in separate rooms to allow Mr. H. to sleep for work-I didn’t think I would be that person, but it’s amazing the things you do for sanity after having a baby); and Dub still needed to be swaddled.

Now my child sleeps in his own room, his own crib, un-swaddled, and ladies and gentleman last night marked the FIFTH CONSECUTIVE NIGHT of sleeping 7-2 (or 3), nursing, then sleeping 3(ish) to 7:30! I am in heaven.  I can hardly contain myself.  Unfortunately this new life with sleep is happening at the same time I’ve cut out wheat and sugar so I have so much energy I’ve noticed that even my mom is a little overwhelmed by me.  I think I’ll level out soon.


There are a lot of things I’m excited about right now.  Spring and Summer; my boy doing all those wonderful milestones like crawling, walking, talking; re-organizing and re-decorating my house; planting plants, and evenings outside while we bbq; and receiving the natural sweeteners and non-wheat flours I ordered online so I can start making healthy desserts.  Honestly, I NEED dessert.

Icarus really wanted to be in this post for some reason.


Always needing the limelight, jeez.

Anyway, desserts are coming.  They better be GOOD.  Also, coming up, the best invention ever invented.


3 thoughts on “Sleep Baby CENTRAL. OMG It Is Happening.

  1. Congrats on finally getting some decent sleep! And I like your sense of humor – LOL! (laughing, not loving… 😉 ) Your little boy is seriously so handsome! I’m sure people tell you that all the time. xo

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