Gluten-Free vs. Grain Free; Oh Great It Looks Like I Have To Get More Healthy.

Hey party people.  The party is over.  Or, maybe it’s just beginning.  Something has happened to my brain and I have to share it with you.  I guess eating a diet of organic, non gmo, local, sprouted, unrefined sugar, scratch meals just isn’t enough.  You heard me.  There is more to do.  What has happened to my brain you ask?  It’s been blown, thoroughly and utterly blown.  I seriously thought that sprouting my grains was an awesome thing.  I mean, in terms of evils it is the lesser, but it still isn’t good.  Not with what I’ve recently learned about WHEAT.  (Explitave EXPlitave EXPLITAVE!)

Wait, first let’s cover the difference between wheat-free and gluten-free.  First off, I absolutely very much dislike any fad diet, and so I will tell you right now that I DO NOT subscribe to the whole gluten-free movement, or the Paleo thing.  It’s just too obviously orchestrated to be trustworthy.  However, there is some truth to these fads, so unfortunately I have to weed through it all myself to find out what fits with what I know, and what works for my family.  (What?  You mean I can’t just open my brain and have someone who did all the work pour only the good information in?  Darnit.)

IMG_9427(I like to give dub measuring cups dipped in foods so it takes him a while to get it all off before he starts throwing it and yelling for more.  This time it’s brewers yeast.

Gluten-free is something that those who cannot tolerate gluten must strictly adhere to.  Gluten intolerance has a wide range of effects.  Pre-packaged gluten-free foods are mostly crap, and they are higher on the glycemic index than wheat, which is a high-gluten grain.  Glycemic index?  WTHeck?  Yeah actually it’s all about blood sugar now.  I’ve discovered that a huge part of our problem is that we have about 22tsp of sugar in our blood on a daily basis due to the current American diet.  Naturally what should we have?  Less than a teaspoon.

It’s not entirely our fault.  As hunter gatherers our ancestors, by instinct, were drawn to eat a lot of something sweet if they found it.  Sweet means high in calories, and for survival purposes, if they found something sweet they knew to eat a lot of it if possible.  Things are so messed up now.  Stupid ancestors.  We are biologically trained to want more of the sweet and it’s killing us.  Now, by sweet I mean sugar.  Not the taste of sugar, but the actual process of our bodies turning our food into sugar.  There is sugar, yeah, we eat that crap, but carbs are the other (and dare I say worst) culprit.  Whole wheat bread for example.  We have (yet again) been lied to people.  Scientists did a study and found that after eating two slices of whole wheat bread their subject’s blood sugar levels were higher than after eating a candy bar.  I’m crying right now.  I mean, I knew enough to know that I needed to soak my grains to release their enzyme inhibitors.  I knew that sprouting released all the nutrients and, in essence, turned a carb into a vegetable.  I thought I knew that.  Apparently I was wrong.  Even sprouted grain breads contain way too much carbohydrate (therefore sugar) and I just cannot UNLEARN this.

IMG_9431(I’m going to be baking with this a lot more from now on.)

I have been glued to the computer reading and researching for a couple of days now.  If you experience issues from wheat and sugar-even unrefined sugars-(mine are spikes in blood sugar that lead to mood swings, struggles with depression, and constipation), then do yourself a favor and read Maria’s Blog.  (Major cred. to our beautiful cousin Lashawna for introducing us to this blog!)  There is so much information on there  you will won’t be able to sleep.  This is a quote from something I just read there:

Why does it take the mainstream media so long after a new study to report health benefits? BECAUSE they would lose all their advertising! I had to sign a waiver when I would be on TV that I [wouldn’t] bash whole grains or cereals.

It’s [a] really [hard] thing to wrap our mind around. According to the Life Extension article, eating two slices of whole wheat bread is worse than drinking a can of Coke or eating a candy bar. The original 1981 study at the University of Toronto found:

Glycemic Index:
White Bread = 69 
Whole-grain Bread = 72
Wheat Cereal = 67
but Table Sugar (sucrose) = 52

That means the Glycemic Index of whole grain bread is higher than that of table sugar, which is also known as sucrose. For you “gluten free” readers out there…rice cakes are listed on the Glycemic Index at 77! This is why when people go “gluten free” and grab a lot of packaged “gluten free” items at the store, they gain weight rather than lose weight.”

Seriously this post is a debbie-downer.  I know that, but the reason I have hope is because after reading Maria’s blog and seeing her amazing foods I am inspired to go create new and exciting things in the kitchen again.  To top it off, I might even experience more energy than I have in a long time.  It makes sense that wheat would be another thing they would lie to us about.  Got this video from Maria too:

Watch this.

I know I’m a little all over the map here, but I told you, my brain is a little wacked right now.  I just don’t know how to organize all this information so I decided to blog about it so you guys could get on it too.  There are a few things I’m not on board with, like, she uses egg whites from a carton to make some breads.  I have chickens in the back yard and knowing what I know about battery eggs, I just can’t IMAGINE doing that.  I can leave what doesn’t fit, and only use what works with my Sally Fallon approach to cooking.  (I am very curious about Sally’s thoughts on wheat and the glycemic index, however.)

The whole thought here is that wheat has changed.  Even if it’s organic, apparently it has been messed with in a lab, and aside from that, throughout history no one has eaten the amount of wheat we eat now.  I did some posts on sprouting grains (if anyone has information for me to dispute what I’m learning here please feel free to comment, but so far this blood sugar thing makes so much sense it’s sickening).  Turns out I’ve been kind of wrong.  Mr. H. and I are going grain-free and sugar-free for three months to see how we feel.  This isn’t about weight, but if I happen to look better after this whole thing, that would be telling, no?  I expect to glow.  I better effn GLOW.  Here is a gum ball machine of some of the random things I’ve learned over the last few days:

-Honey is really high on the glycemic index don’t eat it

-Bananas aren’t the superfood I thought they were don’t eat them (in my defense about bananas, I thought since “they” say that bananas aren’t good because they constipate you and they are high in carbs I thought for sure I was doing the right thing to eat tons of bananas cause I love nothing more than to flip the bird to the man, but alas…)

-Gluten-free, pre-packaged foods are, in general, way worse for you than their high gluten counterparts.  Make your gluten free foods at home.  Maria has many books out, and I hope to buy them all eventually.  Check them out HERE.

-Coconut oil is even more top notch than I knew.

-Fruit should be eaten very sparingly.

-Vegetables are your friend.

-Cancer eats SUGAR.  That’s what it eats people.  Weep.

-It’s going to take some work to learn how to bake with coconut flour and almond flour, but I suppose that is why there are cookbooks.

-Wheat causes depression.

-Saturated fat is GOOD, and actually has nothing at all to do with cholesterol.  That was a big lie.

-Butter is best, but you knew that didn’t you?  (Grass-fed, of course).

IMG_9438(Grain-free pizza.  I will perfect this and post a recipe soon, but let me just say, after two days of not having wheat or sugar this pizza, in all it’s imperfection, tasted like HEAVEN.)

I can already feel my body and my tastebuds changing.

I’m excited and intimidated.  I know it won’t be easy to learn a whole new way of eating and I expect to have some cravings until my body is rid of the badness.  I am going to take this on and learn how to do it with ease so I can share with you.  My goal is to inspire you to make more food at home.


3 thoughts on “Gluten-Free vs. Grain Free; Oh Great It Looks Like I Have To Get More Healthy.

    • Absolutely! It’s cray hu? Maria’s site really got the ball rolling, and in addition I’m discovering some amazing grain free blogs that I will share here soon as well! So cool.

  1. i would love to hear what you eat on a daily basis. i wake up and get overwhelmed about what to eat/what not to eat. do you start the day with eggs and tea? what do you have for lunch, snacks? it’s really overwhelming, so any tips are greatly appreciated! 🙂

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