Mexico The Trip.


Welcome to Mexico.  Our wonderful family took a much-needed February vacation down to Nuevo Vallarta this past week,  and I was blown away by the place and the people.   As we all know, I put a ridiculous amount of thought into what to bring for baby Dub but found that it really wasn’t as different there than it is here.  Where we stayed the water was clean and the food was amazing and I certainly didn’t need the first aid kit I insisted on bringing.

The thing I feared most was the plane ride, but as you can see from the picture here, I was a happy mama and baby Dub was a dream flyer (with the help of his Umma, shown in the background).


The flight was painless, albeit stressful since I know enough to know that a 6 month old (any age?) is a ticking time-bomb.  The drive to our hotel was at most 20 minutes, and once we arrived, paradise descended upon us and didn’t depart until the day before we left when I spotted two people checking out wearing jeans and rolling carry-ons.  At that point I seriously considered requesting that the hotel institute a law banning normal people clothes being worn anywhere on the premises.

IMG_0237(Me: “Don’t even walk by me with those roller-bags.  NOT trying to see that.”)

Our room was the size of an apartment and Mr. H. and I decided we want to live there.  Not really, but really.  It had a full size kitchen and a living-room, two bathrooms, and an amazing patio.




The view…


So other than eating amazing food and lounging by the pool for seven days what did we do?  Not much actually, but we did take a trip into town and of course I had to have a coconut.

IMG_0324(Way too excited about a coconut.)

For the first time in my travels I actually didn’t do anything on this vacation.  Maybe it’s because I’m officially old now that I have a baby, or maybe I’ve finally reached maturity.  Either way, I finally get what a vacation is.  I am home now feeling rested and ready to take on the last few truly cold months the Northwest has to dish out.

I did do one thing on the trip though.  I took one really great photo of Mr. H.

IMG_0030I dig this photo.  Ray-Ban should sponsor me.

Wait, and this one of the Dub is pretty nice as well.  It’s so cool to take acceptable photos of those you love most.


I love the Canon 7D.


Oh wait, I did do more than just lounge by the pool.  We swam with freaking sea lions.  I moaned and groaned and did not want to go.  My dad and uncle and Mr. H. hassled me until I had to give in and I am SO GLAD I DID.  I thought there was no way they could be as cool as dolphins, and I’d already done that.  I was so wrong. (Relish this moment Mr. H.)

Did you know sea lions are incredibly smart and sweet, and that they are soft and like really big sweet…well, lions?  I was actually so excited and in love with Marina the sea lion that I literally had to stop myself from crying in the salt-water pool.  I will spare you the photos of my elation.  Seriously, you don’t want to see it.  I was out of control.  You can see Marina running to the pool though…


So yeah, lots of eating and drinking (although I just had a beer here and there since I’m BFing, and let’s just say Corona and Pacifico taste a bit like lime water compared to the beers we enjoy here in the Northwest made with local hops.  First world concerns, as Mr. H. says.

Thank you to my wonderful family (baby whisperer) for such an amazing trip.  I will close with a photo of what I did most and what I do best.  Eat. Good. Food.


Next up, something about food please.


5 thoughts on “Mexico The Trip.

  1. Ummm that lens flare minimal shot is RIDIC! You are quite the photog yourself, my dear…not surprising. Just getting some time to scroll through your blog and it’s lovely. My my how we’ve changed and I hope it works we get to at least grab a cuppa when you guys are in town. Best to ya, darlin!

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