Dub, teething, and the amber necklace.


Let me introduce to you the one that has changed my life forever, baby Dub.

What on earth was I doing until I met this guy?

Yes, under his chin there if you really look you will see an amber necklace.  As with all things I had strong opinions about before I had a baby, I have eaten my words with this necklace.  I’ll be honest with you.  When I saw a little boy with one of these on (pre-baby) I judged his mother for being woo woo and making her son look like a girl.  Well, ladies and gentleman I am here to tell you that after two nights of wailing screaming and finally resorting to baby acetaminophen when all the chamomile tinctures and Hylands homeopathic pills didn’t work, we are now attempting the miracle that is the amber teething necklace.  No, your baby doesn’t teethe on it.  They wear it against their skin and supposedly the amber magic enters into the bloodstream and, hippie mothers around the world claim, your baby hardly feels the cutting of the teeth ever again.  Dub shall be the judge of that.  We are on day two.

As for this blog and the future I must mention here that we will be in Mexico in less than a week, and I (and Mr. H.) are living for it.  In this part of the world there really is nothing better than ditching the winter blues for some serious sun.  Yes Dub is excited.  Yes, he just said that.

I  am not sure if I will post again before we leave, as I have never traveled with a baby, certainly not internationally, and I have lists…LISTS of things to remember.  Oooooh, okay I will post one more thing before I leave.  My lists.  Boring for some, fun for ME!

Okay you can see one more of him…


This is Dub in his new high chair.  Again something I said I would never do; spend real money on baby stuff.  I’ll do a post on this particular baby thing soon.  Oh it is amazing, AH-MAZING.  Can you guess what company could create a high chair warranting such praise?  I bet you can.

‘Til next time,


2 thoughts on “Dub, teething, and the amber necklace.

  1. More of all things W! (aka The Dub) Weston’s hair has grown since yesterday! Is he noticably in less pain now bc of the necklace? Love your blog!

    • Well, there hasn’t been any wailing, however those first two teeth made it through before I got the necklace on him! They say the first ones hurt the most, but I’m not chancing that again so I’ll just leave it on him until the next ones begin to make an appearance!

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