Day 2: In an effort to catch you up on the last year and a half…


Meet the ladies.  From left: Pearl, Tilly, and Henrietta.  They very much have their own personalities.  They are also very much not so smart.  Chickens just aren’t brilliant but that’s okay because their eggs are.  We feed them non gmo feed and they eat the crap out of worms and insects, and even during the winter here they see some sun.  Unlike conventional chicken eggs that are fed a red dye in their food to make their yokes yellow instead of grey from lack of sunlight.  How much nutrition do you think is in a grey egg yolk?

These ladies are the bomb dot com and they know it.  I just can’t go back to store bought eggs.  Even “free range” eggs are generally not what one might imagine as free range.  Pastured is more what to look for, but hard to find.  Free range just means cage free, but they are still walking around in their own crap all day and are certainly not out in the sun.  Living things need the sun.  I need the sun so badly I sometimes consider moving to L.A. and then I remember how inexpensive it is here in the beautiful Northwest.


I always imagine L.A. as this beautiful, sunny, hip, artistic,  Joy the Baker type of L.A. where every photo has perfect light and there are always cookies just coming out of the oven.  I just don’t know that the reality is as great as my fantasy.  Aaaaaanyway, chickens.  Chances are you can keep chickens too, even in the city.  If you are intersted in having chickens you should know two things.  One, you do not need a rooster in order for your gals to lay eggs (people actually think this-I may or may not have been one of them).  Two, they are incredibly easy to take care of so you should just do it because it’s good for you.


You know what else is good for you?  Beer.  At least I think it is.  Yes, I am holding a beer in the photo above.  Beer is good for your gut.  There you have it, Truth.

Next up we are going to discuss food items.  I know in the previous post I mentioned that I abandoned my sourdough breads for sprouted breads, and I did, but I have since come to appreciate having a certain balance in my life.  Traditionally fermented foods like sourdough bread are still light years ahead of conventional and processed foods in terms of nutrients and digestibility so I think it is perfectly okay to have sourdough.  Just not every time I eat bread-which is a lot and can leave me feeling a little like this…


So yeah, how about we do a recipe for sourdough bread next?

Stay tuned.


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