Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?


The new beginning, anyway.  I’m starting this blog on Valentine’s Day, and I have just recently stopped cussing.  I reference cussing as ‘cuss’ because I view it as it’s own language-it’s own awesome language that I miss terribly.  It’s appropriate that I am starting to document my journey now because a) the journey began because of love, and b) I can be a little more palatable now that I don’t have the mouth of a sailor.

I’ve hesitated to document my life thus far for several reasons, however lately I’ve kind of mastered being awesome, and I figure it’s just rude to deprive everyone of following along.  I’m not going to get into the details of anything right now, like for example, I make some serious exceptions when it comes to not cussing, and exactly how I am awesome will have to wait (and may not be true by the time I get around to explaining it), but I will explain it.

This first post is meant only to tell you how I got here, on the internet, ready to tell all in an effort to help other new moms figure out how to do stuff.  Now, I feel pretty good about a few things right now, but for the most part I struggle to just get by with house cleaning and keeping the baby happy.  I have a long way to go.  Long, as evidenced by the fact that I am writing a post right now instead of putting the johnny jump up away, which will really screw with my type A personality husband when he gets home, but that’s okay.  Why?  Because he loves me, and because it’s gosh darn V-day.

I hope to do several things with this blog.  I would like to document my journey into motherhood by sharing all of the crap I did to be as natural as possible, and also share with you some of my mistakes, and challenges.  I found a lot of helpful information all scattered about the internet as I tried to research cloth diapers, home birth, vaccines, etc., but I would have really loved to find more information in one place.

This all started when I married my best friend.  Up until that really awesome decision I had made a startling number of bad decisions and was almost 30 with absolutely nothing going for me.  I am tempted to enumerate here but I want this blog to be kid friendly (or semi).  So there you have it, use your imagination.

Shortly after getting married I started to realize that I wasn’t very healthy.  No, it wasn’t the many cigarettes I smoked each day that concerned me.  It was my gut.  I needed to cleanse and I mean not just a 10 day juice cleanse, like a serious lifestyle cleanse.  So I started getting colonics.  I stopped eating refined sugar and I began sprouting grains and making them into bread.  I abandoned my sourdough starter and beautiful artisan loaves for flatter, denser, more easily digested ones.  I started to eat locally, and most importantly I began to really look at our food system.


That is one aspect of this story.  The next is the baby.  Just over one year after getting married we got pregnant and I knew that, like food, the system that is in place to pump out babies is just not for me.  So I began to research how to do it differently, and discovered there is a movement happening.  There is a movement away from the surgical birth/formula feeding trend that has occupied the last couple of decades (half century?), toward the ‘old ways’, for lack of a better term.  How have we survived for so long without all the intervention, both in food and in birth?  (Yeah, I’m not a dummy, I know that western medicine RULES for a lot of things, and I know that intervention is necessary, and I get that it saves lives and stuff.  Take a pill.  Haha, see?  Awesome.)  I knew that what must be driving food production was money.  It felt the same as I entered into the world of preparing to have a baby, so I needed to try and get away from that.  Sometimes the very best thing we can do is not do anything at all (ie; turn real food into scary science experiments, and intervene at every turn during a woman’s labor).

So I’ve learned some things.  My baby is almost 6 months old and I know an insane amount of stuff about cloth diapering, home birth, baby wearing devices, baby stuff in general, and REAL FOOD/SLOW FOOD/BACK TO BASICS cooking and baking.  What do I know most though, now that I’m a mom?  That I know nothing at all and that all my opinions are crap because every single day since becoming a parent I EAT CROW.  Regardless, I’m still going to show/share everything I have learned so far.  Hold on to your asses.  (Ass isn’t cuss, they say it on the radio).


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